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Weekend Roundup -- 10-18 (for letter "J")

The 10th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year... 
The week's prompts: 
(1)  Starts with "J";  (2)  A Favorite; and (3) Joy; and (4) Lagniappe.
(1)  Starts with "J": Jam starts with "J". This Jam is special, kind of.  Our neighbor gave it to Mrs. Jim a few weeks age, it is really good.  The family is Canadian and they make it in the man's hometown.  There they grow the Saskatoon Berries and specialize in making Jam
Juice also starts with "J".  Here is the Juice Bar at our cabin in the woods.  You can read more in my Favorites below.  Hint:  we camped out, but not very rough camping.
(2)  A FavoriteJuicy Fried Catfish is one of my favorites.  From the Old Hickory Café in Farmerville, Louisiana (north central La.), here is the $7.99 plate, well, part of it.  I had eaten some of my half.   There were five pieces of catfish, Fries, baked beans, hush puppies, and cold slaw.  Mrs. Jim and I shared and then we also shared her Juicy cheeseburger.
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(3) Joy:  Was staying in a cabin in the woods in North Louisiana.  We spent four nights at this cabin on Lake D'Arbonne, Louisiana (link).
It was a part of the Lake D'Arbonne State Park.  We've stayed there before and even had a few of Mrs. Jim's family reunion there.
This time there were six of us, Mrs. Jim and Sister and Brother and their spouses and us. 
Most meals we cooked there in the cabin.  The ladies had prepared the menus before we came and all brought groceries accordingly.
(4) LagniappeJeep and it's logo are our car extra for the week.
I found this Green Jeep in Key West, Florida.   We would walk from our hotel to the hot spots down town.  Just about every day we would walk by this pretty one.
In 1945 one of our neighbors bought one of the first Jeep sold to civilians.  It was also green but not this pretty.  Since then I always wanted a Jeep but never did get one. 

Probably some time I will get a 1:16 cast iron Army Jeep for my car collection.  Did you know that both Ford and Willys both made Jeeps during WWII?
The closest I had was a Red Jeep to drive for almost a week.  We and the some of the Youth from our church were on a mission trip to Florida.  There we held a six day Bible Camp at Mona Kia State Park on the Big Island, staying in the cabins there. 
Before we started the mission we stayed in Honolulu for a few days and then on Maui for another week.  There we rented four Red Jeeps and I was the driver for one.  We went all over the Island, even visiting the Lindbergh Family ranch. 
p.s.  My son, Mike has a Red Jeep, has had it for years.
Wikipedia on Jeeps 
My blog, Jeeps I have known: 
Jeep Logo pictures: A Google search 
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