Friday, May 11, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 19-18 (for letter "S")

The 19th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
The week's prompts:
(1) Starts with "S"; (2) A Favorite; and (3) Silver

(1.a) Starts with "S":  These Steel bladed knives have Silver colored blades as they are made of Steel.  I use the large one to cut food with, really works well with melons.  Or celery.  The thinner bladed knife is my letter opener. 
(1.b) Starts with "S": Here we have:   a Spreader brush;    a Spatula;    a Spoon; and    another Spatula.  They were a present from me last year, I'm not sure there was an occasion.  There doesn't have to be one. 
I use the orange spatula to clean out my Peanut Butter jars when they approach empty.

(2) A Favorite:  If you look close you can See the little Rabbit who thinks we are growing a garden for him in our back yard.  He is in the grass showing out from under and past the left side of the table.  Lately I have been spraying them with Rabbit and Deer Repellant.  It seems to help.

Rabbits are protected species here in our Fulshear/Katy/Cinco Ranch part of town west of the City of Houston (Texas).  The Flowers are Vincas growing from Seeds spread when they dried and fell last year.
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(3) Silver 

 Silver Seeds      

This  is my Dandelion from last week now gone to Seed, Silver colored seeds.  I have it in a small vase, it and another Dandelion and two weeds with Yellow Flowers were in my bouquet.

You can see the Silver Seed Wings, about to fly away when someone blows.
Below is before and after ripening.   

    [This week, the silver seed stuff ] --  [Last week (left) when it was ]          
  [is on the left side of the picture ]            [fresh from the lawn]                

The end, that's all for tonight.

The fine print:
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