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Weekend Roundup -- 20 & 21-18 (for letter "T" & "U")

My cousins, Linda and Jack, standing away from the tall Statue of Sam Houston

The combined 20th and 21st issues of Weekend Roundup for this year...
The week's prompts:
(1) Starts with "T" and "U"; (2) Favorites; and (3) Truck and Under
I am sorry to have missed for last week.  I am posting the things I had ready but couldn't post then.  The picture at right pretty well shows the predicament I will be tolerating for the next five weeks.  It started ONE WEEK ago
I have a broken left kneecap.  I do not know how it got broken, neither does my orthopedic surgeon who tended it before and put in my artificial knee joint.
It was swollen and hurt some when I walked.  I knew I should go see the doctor but I procrastinated.  Then two weeks ago I was walking down the stairs and I heard and felt a cracking sound.  My knee almost buckled but I caught the rail.
It took a week to see my doctor who doesn't know why it broke either.  He didn't say broken into how many pieces, only that it was cracked.  I will ask to see the X-ray next Wednesday at my two week appointment.  In he meantime I am keep it immobilized with this brace which is supposed to limit my bending to 30 degrees.  BTW, the other knee cap is broken into three pieces from a fall in 2007 (link to my reports).
My theory is that the swelling pushed against the kneecap which was thin from shaving it to make more room for the artificial joint.  Or it could be that it had cracked because of my brittle bones (from Osteopenia) helped by the shaving.
Now for the good (??) stuff:
(1.T.) Starts with "T":  Of course I would say that "T" is for Texas, first and always.
TEXANSa. Like to brag,  most famous Texas brag is "Everything is bigger and better in Texas."

b. Like their sports teams. In Houston we have Three college teams for most college sports,  for sure football, basketball, and baseball.   The four major colleges are The University of Houston (my alma mater), Texas Southern University, Houston Baptist University,  and St. Mary's University. 
The professional teams are complete and win a lot.  However we did lose our Hockey team.
c. Antique and Classic Car dealer in Dallas, it is larger than any of several here in Houston. Their Web Link, shows their large inventory.
d. I'll stop with this statue of Sam Houston, along I-45 north of the City of Houston near Huntsville.  It is large, large and TallFor more about the statue on my blog, please click here. Or about Sam Houston, click here. 
Huntsville was the home of Texas' first president, President Sam Houston, when we were our own country. He was also the first governor of the State of Texas. There is a very fine museum in his town honoring him.

(1.U.) Starts with "U" is Uruguay.  We visited Montevideo Uruguay on New Years Day, 2017.  We were almost finishing our 31 day cruise, from Los Angeles down to Cape Horn at the bottom of the world and back up to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
(2) A Favorite
(3) Truck: 
I will always like the 1949 Ford Pickup., it is one of my favorite old trucks.  That is what I drove to high school in town for my last two years.  This one is on the August 2009 NAPA calendar that I have in my collection.  Here is a link to read about me and that truck. 
(5) Under:  

 Standing under the balloon drop on New Year's Eve, then dancing after
(2.U.)  Below are some other of my favorites from Montevideo:
       [click on them or any other picture for larger size viewing]


I guess you got the flavor, Montevideo is a very pretty city.  We were there on a holiday.
                                                   The end, that's all for tonight.

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