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One of my favorite cars — MidWeek Blues — Hand goes where during National Anthem?

Left: a 1957 Chrysler NewYorker — Right: a 1949 Ford F-1 Pickup
.... .... May 2010 Calendar — August 2009 Calendar

The 1949 Ford Pickup (my favorite) is one like I drove to high school for my last two years--the first two years I rode Minnie, our horse.

Dad bought a 1937 Ford Tudor for me to drive but about as soon as he drove it he decided it was not safe for me to drive. Fords in that year still had mechanical brakes which are far inferior to the modern hydralic braking sytems used.

After I graduated my sister, Lois drove it to high school. By then they had closed the country school, New England School of Washington, Country, Nebraska, where I attended my first two years. She rode to town with a cousin for her first two before getting Dad's pickup. Cousins also rode with us to school.

Best news! I only had three (3) wrecks in those two years. That's pretty good for a high school kid, huh?

A friend of mine has a restored 1950 Ford F-1 Pickup which is very similar to this one. It is even painted black. He wants more money than I am thinking that I want to pay. I could be thinking wrongly.

I do like the NAPA Calendars of which I have them from the second issue to present with about a year or two's break in the late 1990's. For this year's May, I will use the 2009 August issue with the Ford Pickup.

For posts about my early driving and some about this pickup,
please click here.

Setting is a Chicago Cubs baseball game.

Activity is the playing and singing of our National Anthem.

Of note to me is that over half of the fans are not placing their right hands over their hearts.

Is this required? Yes, per the U.S. Code TITLE 36 > Subtitle I > Part A > CHAPTER 3 > § 301 (
link) which reads as follows:
"... other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart ..."

President Obama, as probably half of the persons in the U.S. ("... more breached than honored ..."
Snopes link) did not cover his heart when he first became President. He does now of course, after a big national and mass e-mail stink was made. Seems others still don't. I do.

I don't remember doing this in civilian life before Obama found out. I did for the Flag Salute but not for the National Anthem. In the Army, when in formation we would come to parade rest with our hands folded behind out backs. That is how I remember. And if not in formation but in uniform, we would stand at attentioin and salute.

Pictures courtesy of WGN TV
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Was Minnie a Buick?

Chicagoans put their patriotism on their hot dogs.
Interesting. I always put my hand on my heart for both the pledge and the anthem. It's how I was taught to do it in school and it is a habit now.

The old cars are pretty cool. You got to drive to high school. Lucky you!
I love those old Ford pickups. Matter of fact my husband finally sold his '49 sans engine. It is now residing somewhere in Florida and being refurbished by a father and son duo at the local high school.
Husband had that truck so long people were saying he would be buried in it.
Gday Jim, its been a while but im back..
Love those shiny petrol guzzlers.
we were taught here in school the hand over the heart, hats off, etc.

that is one beautiful car!!
I love the pic of the old Chrysler, Jim. The first car that was mine to drive was a 1957 had pushbutton gears.
My family all went to a Rockies game this week and my favorite pic of their day out is one of my 4 year old grandson with his hand over his heart during the national anthem.
Hi Jim ~~ Nice post with long ago memories of the car you drove to school. And before that, Minnie, the horse.
Thanks for your kind words about my health reprieve my friend. Glad you liked the Inner Peace with the dog
getting all the attention.
Take care, my friend, Regards, Merle
dear mr. jim...i just love your midweek blues posts.
you always have such neat blue cars in them!
you asked me how many miles we should go on the little red car before we gas up ..well we have decided on about 350 k's...because when we ran out of gas, the trip meter said that we had gone 460 k's and here we thought we were getting such good mileage! would take way too much work for bernie to put in a new sender..he says that he may as well wait until the fuel pump goes because in order to change it and the sender, he has to take the tank off.
we will just have to be careful not to go past 400 k's....

this is a really good post mr, terry
Mr. Jim,

I agree with Terry. This is a really good post. I have a little car with 40K miles on it. I can't remember what color it is.

How's Mrs. Jim?


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