Friday, June 29, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 26-18 (for letter "Z")

The 26th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
The week's prompts:
(1) Starts with "Z"; (2) A Favorite; and (3) Zentor

(1) Starts with "Z":  Zero (??) might be good.  Nothing?

Zero is a very bad grade. 
Zero mph means you aren't going at all. 
Zero means you won't win your game though it might be a tie.
"Zero Bars" and good, I had forgotten them.  I know where a picture is but I won't steal it now.  Tomorrow is Kroger Day, I might take a picture of theirs.
Or I could show you a fence owned by my friend who has a "little ranch" near Telluride in Colorado.  It is called a "Zig Zag" fence.  The chief advantage of the Zig Zag fence is that you don't have to dig holes for the fence posts.  The shape of fence keeps I from falling down.
Or I could show you a "Zucchini squash", they are long and green.  I like mine fried with coated with just a little flour.   Here are some shots from our local "Sprouts Farmers' Market". (Googled search link) Above were the 'regular' from Mexico, to the right are some of the Organic stuff.
 Other Sprouts pictures.  We mostly buy fruits and
vegetables and cereals there.  Sometimes cheese.
(2) A FavoriteKP, our youngest grandchild, finished Golf Academy today.  Afterwards there was an award ceremony on the back patio of the club house.  KP came home with three certificates and a water bottle prize.  Of course there was a "completion" award, everyone present the last day got that.

Then there were certificates to be earned.  KP won the Patty Berg Award for the Best Golf Etiquette.   Her most prized award was the Chipping Award.  She had to compete with the boys also for that.  KP chipped in a 30 foot plus chip, in to the hole.


  The pictures above:  In the red shirt she is showing off her new Driver golf club. Both pictures of her in the blue, way above and here, were KP at the awards ceremony.  The fellow standing by the door was the teaching pro, the one with the had way above was one of the assistants.

(3) Xentor:  I once started a series of flash writing (short, less than a set amount of words, or letters) I was to call the "Xentor Tales" where the chief character was a man named "Xentor."  

But there were just a few before Jenny, the person who wanted the short tales, stopped this feature.

The cat belongs to my BIL. 

You can read most them by going to this link,

- - - - - -                            The end, that's all for tonight.

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