Friday, September 14, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 11-18(b) (for letter "K") -- Reflections too

The 36th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
The week's prompts:
(1) Starts with "K"; (2) A Favorite;  (3)  King Size  (4) Reflections (mirror, eating picture--last one) 

(1) Starts with "K": Key starts with "K".  This old key is probably older than I am.  I pinched it from a nail in a deserted house that I used to play in, located on an adjacent farm.  I don't think the house was locked nor did it have a "Keep Out" sign.

(1.b) Starts with "K": Key Lime also starts with "K".  Our younger daughter brought this to me last weekend.  It is from her favorite exotic shopping place for foods.  Lemon and Key Lime are my favorite curds.  I also like Key Lime pie.

Kurds are people who are members of an ethnic group whose native territory is in the Near East. Curds are yummy spreads, pudding like in nature.  Remember Little Miss Muffet,
"Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet
Eating her curds and whey."

(2) A Favorite: Key West starts with "K" as well.  We flew directly from Houston to Key West, to start our Cross-Atlantic Cruise ending in London, U.K.  Here are a few of my favorite Key West pictures, including the Earnest Hemmingway Florida Key West home: (for more about our visit you can please visit


Chickens are birds, therefore protected species in Key West.  Also protected are cats.
Click on a picture for larger view.  It might get larger still if you click it again.
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(3)  King Size:  At one time I smoked, from the last year of high school until I was about 42.  From about 38 until I quit I had switched to a pipe.  That got hurting my lips and throat so I knew I really had to quite.  So for a year or so I chewed tobacco and dipped snuff.  That took care of my nicotine but the spitting was really nasty, especially since I had an inside job.  That's why I quit.

My first cigarettes that I bought were Pall Mall, they were mild and King Sized.  And the elite smoked them according to the ads.  When I was common people or low on money I smoked the King Size Chesterfields.  They did fine for me.

(4)  Reflections: me with camera taking this 'mirror shot', Mrs. Jim, and KP all eating "on the street" at a Vauxhall (London, UK) standup eatery--I had fish and chips, Mrs. Jim had the hamburger and FF's, and KP had chicken nuggets.

- - - - -        The end, that's all for tonight
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