Friday, December 07, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 23 -18(b) (for letter "W")

The 49th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year..
The week's prompts:
(1) Starts with "W"; (2) A Favorite; (3) Weather; and (4) Reflections

(1) Starts with "W":  What starts with "W".  So does Who.  And so What is this and Who will be eating it?  It is Friday Night Supper at Jim's house and Mrs. Jim will have PopcornI will be eating Sardines and Crackers
A while later I also had a Plum, Mrs. Jim declined one of those.

(2) A Favorite (and a Reflection):  We were leaving the Houston (Texas) Medical Center for home.  In rush hour traffic we made it back in a little over a half hour by taking the Westpark Tollway. 

The above picture doesn't do justice to the Sunset, it was gorgeous.  I chose it over the smaller one because it shows some of the city lights in the distance.  Note the Reflection of the Sunset and of the tail lights of the cars ahead.  Mrs. Jim was glad when I put the camera back into the armrest niche.  [click on either picture for a larger size]

(3) WeatherGarth Brooks (CW male singer) played to 84,000 folk in the Notre Dame (college) stadium but it rained and snowed and the wind blew.  It was sold out for the Saturday night performance, December 1.  I watched it tonight, Sunday the 2nd in my warm living room on CBS TV.  As reported on the "Indy Star" newspaper,

(4) Reflections (see also the one on the hood of the car I was driving into the Sunset above):   The photo on the left is of the casket detail waiting by the casket car of the train would carry the body of President George H W Bush up to College Station for burial.  The parking lot beside the rail car was wet as it was raining slightly.

On the right is shown the casket inside the casket car through the newly installed Plexiglas window.  Some of our friends found places beside the tracks north of town (Houston) to wave to the train as it passed.  We had considered doing that but decided that the wet would not be good for Mrs. Jim''s foot which was still recovering from her bunion surgery [these pictures were taken off our TV).
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