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The Letter "G" ~~ Weekend Roundup and Reflections


The sixth issue of Weekend Roundup for this year, 2020...
- the Letter "G" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "G";
(B) "Green" (Tom's choice);
(C) A Favorite; 
(D) Reflections.
_ _ _ _

(A) Starts with the Letter "G":  "Gala and Granny Smith Apples" start with "G".  These were at our local Kroger Grocery Store on sale for 88 cents per pound.  Each apple weighs a little over six ounces.  Three for a dollar? 

(B) "Green" (Tom's choice):  My favorite Green item is my 1974 Ford Mustang Ii Ghia.  

Here is "Mom's" 1974 Mustang II Ghia.  I was the first owner, Mom wanted me to buy her a stick shift from the lease cars turned in for the Spring of 1975.  I worked for Ford Aerospace at NASA Houston then and some of our executives were encouraged to lease a new Ford every year.  


Mom didn't trust the automatic transmission in the car Dad had purchased as she couldn't tell what gear it was in and was afraid it might be choosing the wrong gear at times.  

This Mustang II and a hot rod Ford Torino were the only Fords that year with standard transmission.  She said, "Yes, get it for me" of the little down-sized Mustang.  That was the first year of downsizing for it.  It was built on a Ford Pinto chassis (we had a yellow 1972 model Pinto for our driver car--it was lost in our 1979 flood along with two other cars and a motorcycle). 

(C) A Favorite:  I like road signs.  You can see some displays of my taste by clicking on the "Signs" link in the "Labels" button section below.  

On January 7th (2017) we stopped at Stellenbosch, out from Cape Town, South Africa.  It is a pretty little town, similar to one you knew growing up or perhaps you live in one now.  The church I posted here,  was at Stellenbosch

(D) Reflection:  I need some help here with my covered bridge as I don't know where it is located.  Perhaps some place in Iowa or New Hampshire, those two states are famous for their covered bridges.  So if you have ridden over it or for another reason, please let me know in your comment.  (My educated guess is Vermont.)

Reflection?  See the bright spot in the picture's upper right.  I took this with the calendar laying on the kit hen island under the overhead work lights.  That's all the dimmer I could get with the Light's Reflection
_ _ _ _ 
_ _ _ _ 

My Two Questions (you can answer just one if you'd like):

1. How do you treat Valentine's Day with your loved ones?  Family?  Friends?    Another easy question for me, it seems like every year since Mrs. Jim and I knew each I've had a box of Whitman Samplers for her.  Did you know the pound box used to be a pound of  chocolates, no the box holds only 12 ounces.  

We don't exchange cards anymore , some times we go to the Dollar Store and choose, then each read the pick for each other and leave without buying. 

[If you have trouble reading click on the picture for a larger size.  Click again, it might get bigger still. ]
[Mrs. Jim found this in today's Houston Chronicle's Funny Page.] 

2. What do you think of when we are discussing
 "Road Signs"?   I think of our 
thirty day cruise from Dubai to Cape Town, we were gone from December 3 to January 10.  I think of how they were mainly in languages that I could not understand.

Bonus Questions:

1. What is your favorite "Gword?   This time it will be "Gondola".  In earlier days when I worked at NASA Houston, another Aerospace Engineer suggested that we do Lawn Chair Balloon Riding.  

His idea was to tie enough Helium filled balloons to our chairs to launch us.  Then when we were ready to come down we would pop some balloons.  We might have to have an easy-to-get Balloon Pilot License. 

I would go along if we could tie enough balloons. And since we were both single family obligations weren't a huge thing. Since my kids were all teenage my estate liquidated would have paid support until they were of age.

2.  What comes to mind when you hear "Covered Bridges" mentioned?    Most times I remember how during my three years in New Hampshire how we loved driving and riding through them.  When I needed some "Alone Time" I would go riding on my Vespa Scooter through on my way to a pleasant place.  Almost as nice as riding along the Rio Grande River when I lived in El Paso.  On either side of the river.  And the crossing on the several bridges there.
I especially enjoyed Mistletoe Hunting at Christmas time. 
3.  If you wish to tell of your OLD CAR or COLLECTOR CAR experiences this would be the day. 
I've had several , all Ford products except one Dodge.  My '74 and '98 Mustang's are the ones, probably last ones, I have now.
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