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The Letter "N" ~~ Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The fourrteenth issue of Weekend Roundup for this year, 2020...

- the Letter "N" Prompts are: 
(A) Starts with the Letter "N"; 
(B) "Number" (Tom's choice); 
(C) A Favorite; 
(D) Reflections.

Again this month, April 2020, I am participating in the National Poetry Writing Month daily posting of a poem of sorts.  Mine are HERE for this year.  See "Labels" at the bottom to read them and other year's poems I have written.
_ _ _ _  

(A) Starts with the Letter "N":  "Nash" starts with the Letter "N".  This 1954 Nash Healy Le Man's Coupe was the calendar photo for December 2017.  I have every NAPA Auto Parts "NAPA Classics" calendar except for their second year, 1972.  The little sports car's base price was $5128 and it came with 135 hp I-6 253 c.i.d. engine. 

I am doing some cleaning this month so most of them may turn up if I'm lucky.  Also I have started the writing of a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month project NaPoWriMo 2020.  I have written with them since 2015.

Nash was started in 1916 by Charles William Nash and went out of production in the 60's as a part of American Motors.  I was made aware of them just before WW II when my uncle stopped to tell us goodbye on he and family headed out to Oregon to permanently live.  They were driving an early 1940's Nash.  

[Photo by me taken on a Paris street beside a park]

C) A Favorite:  I had a 1960 Nash Rambler Station Wagon from 1963 until I totaled it out in 1967.  The kids and I rear ended another car because with the back full of heavy Newspapers going to recycle the brakes wouldn't stop it.  

(B) "Number" (Tom's choice):  It might be "Number 94".  Small Car ~~ I like small cars if they are hopped up a little.   This one is a toy decorator 1949 Nash. The number 94 was the Nash's number in the movie, Cars.

My friend way back when I was a college dropout and worked in a watch factory (Elgin Nation Watch Company, Lincoln, Nebraska) a friend had one of these when I first met him.  Soon after our meeting he traded it for a 1951 Chevy Convertible.

(D) Reflections:   In my cleaning, see item "A" above,  I found this photo of our daughter, Karen,  in her high school drill team uniform, standing with Mrs. Jim and I.  

After taking the picture I noted that a 'selfie' had shown faintly as a spirit family grandfather, it was Reflected looking over with approval.  Mrs. Jim hasn't changed a bit but my weight has shifted from my face towards the middle of my body.  Runs in the family.
_ _ _ _  

My Two Questions (you can answer just one if you wish).

(1)  What is your Favorite Number and Why?    It is Number 88.  That was the number for our 1934 Ford Coupe Modified Stock race car.  
(2)  What do you think of when we are discussing "High School Drill Teams or its Members"?   I think of the good times we had going to football games just to watch our daughter dance with her group.

 Bonus Questions: 
(1) what is your favorite "N" word?  This time it will be "Naughty"  It is hard not to practice Social Distancing all the time but we need it to protect others and ourselves during this horrible sequence of events with COVID 19.

(2)  What comes to mind when you hear "Nash Cars" mentioned?    I think of the 1960 Nash Station Wagon I had and wish I had an 1:18 scale model of one to add to my collection.
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