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The Letter "Z" -- Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The Letter "Z" -- Weekend Roundup and Reflections
The twenty-sixth issue of Weekend Roundup for this year, 2020...
- the Letter "Z" Prompts are:
(A) Contains the Letter "Z";
(B) "Our Choice";
(C) A Favorite; and
(D) Reflections.

_ _ _ _

(A) Contains the Letter "Z":  Zebra has the letter "Z" as the first letter.  We saw these in South Africa at a game preserve southeast of Cape Town.

(B) "My Choice":  My youngest great-granddaughter and me on Father's Day 2020.  

One daughter and two sons, a daughter-in-law, two granddaughters and hubbies, three greatgrandchildren, and two great-greatgrandchildren were there.  Plus Mrs. Jim and other friends.  I believe that count is correct. 

(C) A FavoriteBees go BUZZZZ.  On Father's Day afternoon   my youngest Granddaughter and the younger Daughter, dropped in with a present for me. 

The Two cards and Five cans of Wasp Spray.  The spray was an inside joke of which I had forgotten the set up
A couple of weeks ago we were sitting around the poolside (pictured last week) table when our granddaughter noticed a wasp flying around and attempting to get inside the back wall of our house.  Mrs. Jim went quickly inside and came running out with my precious flying insect spray can.  She did not kill the wasp but rather sprayed the wall crack and surrounding wall and a broken piece of furniture.   

I would have used a can of regular insect spray as the flying insect spray can had only about a third left.

(D) Reflections:  Taken from The Backwaters off the coast of Southeast India, near Co Chin.
_ _ _ _

My Two Questions (you can answer just one if you wish):

(1)  If you are a parent or grandparent how were you recognized for Mother's Day or Father's Day this yearMy post with JE photo here pretty well explains mine for this year.  Not all the kids and grandkids could come to this celebration, our younger daughter and youngest granddaughter brought my bug spray present the day before.  They spent Father's Day with their other grandfather in East Texas this year.  All five of the kids got in touch by phone also.
  (2) Where and when was your last boat ride?  We were on a cruise from Dubai to Cape Town, South Africa, visiting India and several islands in the Indian Ocean along he way, as well as other various countries.  We left Dubai on December 5, 2019 and arrived in Cape Town on January 4, 2020.

Bonus Questions:

(1) What is your favorite "Z" Word? That would be Zip, like "Zip it Up" and there is now reason for that liking. 

(2) What if any sort of silly present did you give some one, perhaps a 'gag gift'?   I am sure it was a White Elephant gift where I regift presents that I cannot use.  I justr don't have one in mind for here. 
_ _ _ _

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