Friday, July 31, 2020

The Letter "E" -- Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The thirtieth issue of Weekend Roundup for this year, 2020...
- the Letter E" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "E";
(B) (An) Evergreen (Tom's Choice);
(C) A Favorite; and
(D) Reflections.
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The 67-foot-tall statue of our First TeXas President. (link). 

The statue is a few miles south of Huntsville, Texas, on the side of Interstate Highway 45. 
It is visible from a couple of miles to the south and also welcomes motorists coming over the hill from the north.

(A) Starts with "E":  Extra starts with the letter "E".  Size Extra Large for this statue of our first Texas President, Sam Houston, before joining the Union. 

[large picture] [super sized]
If you like art then go to Europe. We found this Cézanne original in the Lautrec Museum in Albi, France. It is by Paul Cézanne (1839 to 1906) and  he was pretty quirky. (Cézanne Wikipedia link)

Previously posted,

(B) (An) Evergreen (Tom's Choice) :  The Cyprus, behind the house, left side, are Evergreens.  They are all over Southern Europe.

(C) A FavoriteEvery time we go someplace and stay a bit we run into Texas People.  The top picture of these two show a little booth in the old section of Dubai selling rugs and other woven things plus ++.

But surprise, who was running it but a local Houston Suburban Texas lady and her Syrian husband owners.  The only thing we had in common was in knowing the name of our small Texas towns, both Houston Suburbs.

[Click for larger view Click again for larger still]
(D) Reflections:  Amongst other things there is a diagonal Reflection of a Road in the Windows running up diagonally from the lower right of the Children's Hospital in the Houston (Texas) Medical Center.
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[Click for larger view
Click again for larger still]
Bonus Question:  What is the name of this plant variety?  It is a pretty one that Mrs. Jim's niece gave to her from the funeral of the Mom, Mrs. Jim's sister.  She had died from COVID-19 and complications from a stroke earlier by a few months.

The fine print:
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- I am also linked this week with James of "Weekend Reflections" (click here for his Reflections Photos).
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