Friday, November 13, 2020

The Letter "T" -- Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The forty-sixth issue this week of my WEEKEND ROUNDUP postings and ...  
(THE TWENTIETH  LETTER FOR THIS SERIES) - the Letter "T" Prompts are: (A) Starts with the Letter "T";  (B) "Two" (Tom's Choice); (C) A Favorite; and (D) Reflections. (E)  A Lagniappe.

 _ _ _ _  

(A) Starts with the Letter "T":   Truck starts with "T".  This little Wooden Truck hauls a load of note paper.  Dare I call it a Tiny Toy Truck?  

(B) "Two" (Tom's Choice):   Two Old Chairs, and a Table. (click on the picture for larger viewing)  I think they are being saved for a relative as a sentimental remembrance sitting in their yard.  If not they could be had for a very reasonable price. 

(C) A Favorite:   Our Favorite Tree is our Palm Tree.  When we moved here there were Three Tall Palm Trees behind our pool along the back yard fence.  We had a bad winter freeze and lost them all.   We replaced them with this one  shorter and wider palm tree 

Its kind are supposed to be freeze tolerant.  When we first planted it the tree seemed sickly, not bright green,  and not many fronds.  It snapped out of that fairly fast.

[please note the many Turtles swimming nearby and more still farther up the Trail sunning on the bank] 
[click on picture once or twice for larger sized viewing]

Reflections:   We were walking along our neighborhood Trail and noticed this guy fishing,  for him or his family.  It might be a White Crane? 

(E)  A Lagniappe.   This Tree belongs to our neighbor,  it is a Pumpkin Tree that bears fruit around the first of October.  They live around the corner and we hadn't noticed it blooming earlier. 

_ _ _ _ 

Bonus Questions:

(1)  What if anything are your feelings for either  "Pumpkin Trees" or "Turtles sunning on the banks"?  I like to find them sunning.  Most times though they hop down into the water when they see or sense me coming.

(2) What is your favorite "TWord?  Mine today will be ToysOne of my favorites is my 1:18 scale Toy 1932 Pickup Truck.  The one to the right is a MatchBox Model A Ford Truck.  Model  A's were made from 1928 to 1931.  I have several of my Toys posted here (Jim's Toys blogged here).  Not all the toys you see are mine.

(3)  Be sure to ASK FOR A SENIOR DISCOUNT, if they don't have one perhaps they will get the hint if enough ask. 

Senior person and Veteran discounts are all over the places that we shop.  

 _ _ _ _ 

 Fine print stuff: 

 - [Click on any picture for larger, click it again for extra large]
 - I am linked with Tom of "Backwoods Travel" (Link here to click for Tom's Weekend Reviews)
 - I am also linked this week with James of "Weekend Reflections" (click here for his Reflections Photos).
 - The pictures mostly are all mine and rights are reserved to me under Copyright Law.

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