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Letter "Y" -- -- Weekend Roundup and Street/Reflections

THE TWENTY-FIFTH LETTER FOR THIS SERIES - The Letter "Y" Prompts are: (A) Starts with the Letter "Y"; (B) "Yellow" (Tom's Choice); (C) A Favorite; (D) Street/Reflections; and (E) A Lagniappe.

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Mission de Corpus Christi de la Ysleta
Mission de Corpus Christi de la Ysleta [photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons]

(A) Starts with the Letter "Y":   "Ysleta" starts with "Y".  Ysleta is now a part of El Paso, Texas, although until the forced annexation of 1955 it was a city of it's own.  Back in the late 1950's and early 1960's I rode my Vespa Motorscooter many times to and through Ysleta.  

My favorite time was gathering mistletoe for Christmas from the trees in the ditches along the highway.  The very old Ysleta Mission is also here, a part of the National Park Service.   You can read of the mission here.

(B) "Yellow" (Tom's Choice):   This is a Yellow service Car for the railroad.  They used to be hand cars but this one is too large for that and has an engine. 

I found it at one of the the railway depots at Cinque Terre ,  a  region composed of five villages on the Italian Riviera.   It appears to have been 'out of service' for quite a while. 

(C) A Favorite:  This Yellow and Purple Taxi is Mrs. Jim's and my Favorite because those are her school's,  LSU, Colors.   The red sign in the window says it is a Ferrari but do not believe that. 

(D) Street/Reflections:   Found at Albert-Kahn Gardens, Paris (link). Go there if you get a chance.  In east Paris, you can take the subway/train.  It's a peaceful visit, the park isn't crowded and there's even an ATM across the street at a small branch bank. 
From a previously posted Poem,  "Blue Rain",


(E) A Lagniappe:  "Y" is for the Yellow Cars I have known.  Posted here are a few.  You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger size view.

Above left, is a toy car belonging to KP's friend who was three years old.  It was one of his favorites.  On the right, with Mrs. Jim 'driving', is a toy car at the Peppa Pigland Park near Southampton, U.K. where back in 2012 we visited while on a British holiday for about five weeks.  Did you note that the other two passengers, KP and me (JIM), are (not) hanging on tightly?


Now we see the railroad Yellow car, again transporting KP and Mrs. Jim.  Then there is the Peppa Pig Yellow Bus showing off at Peppa Pigland.

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