Wednesday, February 22, 2006


What is
picture? (Check back for the answer tomorrow)

Hint: these are the booties given to me yesterday at 9:15 at St. Lukes hospital when I checked in for an outpatient
heart catheterization.

Oh yes, the outcome. I had one more stent put in another major branch of my
Left Anterior Descending Artery or LAD, for my second LAD stent. So I spent the night there laying flat on my back until 4:30 in the morning. Mrs. Jim was right there too, sleeping in a chair beside my bed.

One more crunchy bite for the cannibals when they eat me.

I got to watch the whole thing on TV monitors, to the right and the left side of my operating table. No anesthesia for Jim, which meant I got to see all the details in real time, the wire with a hook going up to fish around, the dye being released into the arteries, the stent being pushed up into my heart, and then a balloon pushed up inside the stent to expand it more.

Before the procedure, I had to have a 'bikini shave' on my right upper thigh (inside part). The young lady (??, at least she seemed young to me) RN was using an electric razor instead the usual plastic handled Gillette. She said the electric razor was less prone to causing an infection.

I asked the RN what would happen to all the loose hairs, as she was blowing them away from the shaved area. Not to worry, most of them would get picked up with the towel beneath me and tossed.

I asked her what would happen if a loose hair accidentally got into my artery along with the wires, dyes, stents, or balloons. Nobody had ever asked her that I guess. She thought it was a funny question and laughed a lot. I was thinking they needed a plan 'B.'

I'm ok now, Mrs. Jim drove me home after we got Adi from Karen and Billy's. Adi had missed me a lot and she told me that. Now she is sleeping beside me in the breakfast room.

Billy said Adi has more fun things to do with the retired folks than she does staying with them, being shut up with Amber all day.

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OUCH! Sorry. My dad had his first stent last year and said it was the worst thing he had ever felt in his life.

As for the sock, you have them on upside down. The sticky part goes on the floor...
Besides the "these feet are too ugly to be put in print" catagory, looks like your left foot has a bigger toe next to the "big" toe than your other foot.

Good to hear that the surgery went well.
I never said more "fun" things. I just said she has more things to do since some of us have to work still.

I agree with Mitch and Elise as to whats wrong!
My stents don't hurt when deploying. The doctor says that isn't good because if/when I have a heart attack I won't have chest pains.
What did they charge you for the socks? Wait until you get the bill....
I like those kind of socks. We have a few pairs here but even though the white is pretty on top you need it on the bottom so you won't slip and break things loose that don't need breaking loose!!

Glad things went well and you got to watch it. I think I would get sick watching it if they were working on me though.
Yea, the sticky part goes on the floor.

So sorry you had to have surgery! And so sorry they had to shave you! Owch!!!

St. it a good hospital? Did they treat you OK? I'm assuming you went to the one on 242?
I went to the St. Lukes in the Houston Medical Center.
My cardiologists are across the street there in the St. Lukes Tower. Dr. Krajcer put my AAA stent in (April 2001), Dr. Hernandez has done these other two LAD ones.
Thanks for asking. Since it was an electric razor, it didn't hurt shaving.
We like the St. Lukes here on 242 fine, having both used it for some outpatient things.
For heart and circulation I will stick with the Houston Medical Center if I can get there in time.
The socks would indicate they didn't want you to fall asleep.
Glad all went well.

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