Friday, February 03, 2006

Iowa excitement is ending--Part I
. . . like all good things
. . . now back in Texas

We are back from Iowa. It was an eighteen hour drive short a few minutes. 1098 miles to our house (Yahoo Maps said 1090), 45 gallons of gas at 24.6 mpg, and eighteen hours less a few minutes driving time. I subtracted eight miles each for a Runza run and a wrong road in Dallas. Our speedometer reads fast and high also.

Our Iowa visit was nice. In addition to my dad, sister, brother-in-law, nephew and family, there are a lot nice things to do and see. That will be 'Part II.'

Our trip back was uneventful. One little incident in Dallas rates mentioning. We got side-tracked. Our car headed to the DFW airport. It has a mind of its own and uses it when it wants. Eight miles and 20 minutes later and we got it back on I-35 South. Driving in Dallas isn't my favorite thing to do. Houston, Las Angeles, Madrid, or Paris are much better. We can handle them better.

Always when going through Dallas, stay on I-35 South. There are diversions from both lanes when you aren't looking for them. 'I-35 South' may only have one or two lanes with three to six going elsewhere. Get in the 'I-35 South' lane as fast as you can when you see another choice.

One exception: Take the 'I-45 to Houston,' 'I-30 East,' exit. That will be the right hand land, developing into two right hand lanes. Stay in the right land on I-30 East for three fourth mile. It develops into two right hand lanes, stay right onto 'to Houston.' Be careful, by then there are three lanes, the left goes to Grand Prairie.

Our stops were gas and Runza at Lawrence, KS, potty stop on Kansas Toll Road and Iowa rest stop, gas at Okla City, and a snack just south of Dallas at a WhataBurger.

That Whataburger wasn't my favorite. Senior drinks weren't free. They are free at Huntsville and Conroe, but senior drinks didn't even exist there just south of Dallas. See my
December 6 blog about Whataburger.

No free Senior drinks? What a bummer!
I have found "Happiness is Dallas in your rearview mirror", to be true.
We've been off on those wrong roads several times. Always at night.

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