Friday, February 10, 2006

It's H(ard) to be old

God's ways


A couple of old geezers here? No,

this is Dad, aka Grandpa, and me.

[click on pictuure to enlarge] . .

My dad is in a nursing home in Hiawatha, Iowa, just north of Cedar Rapids.

For being 96 years old, his health is good, but he is wearing out. At present he has a large sore on his foot that is isn't healing. He is on antibiotics but they don't seem to be working. One alternative may have been to amputate his leg but yesterday the orthopedic surgeon ruled him not to be a candidate for this surgery.

Getting old God's way

Yesterday I was in the grocery store and bumped into a couple of neighbors. Paul had just had a colonoscopy and was on his way home from his outpatient surgerical ordeal. We talked about this.

I asked, did they want me to bring his medicine home as the wait was over half hour. No, they would do it. Might I take Paul home while Mrs. Paul waited for his prescription? No, he felt like walking around and sitting didn't appeal to him right now.

So we talked. We talked about Paul, about me, Dad's predicament, and aging in general. I said that it was H(ard)* to be getting old--Paul is younger than me. Then we talked about modern technology and how people seem almost to be outliving their bodies.

Mrs. Paul said, well, maybe with that God is giving people more time to get right with God. I said yes, God gave us the ability to improve our lives through technology, and to live longer.

I conjectured that this longer life may be God's way to give us more time to come to Him. With the fast lane life (link for the words of the song) people live now, they haven't given God very much time or thought. So when our bodies are slowed down, then we will have time to turn to God if we haven't done that before.

Grandpa has been a Christian for many years. He is using his years serving God by helping others and telling people about God's love.


*I really did say it was hard getting old. In general I don't like to use the more common word, Hell. That might be denial of Hell, but I don't think so. I believe in Heaven and Hell, and that only Jesus Christ can save me from my sin that has condemned me to Hell. And that He has already done that. For me.

I just don't go around saying 'Hell this, Hell that.' That just isn't Jimmie. I should tell you about my grandpa, he had a lot of colorful words in his speech. I just don't, I'm known as Mr. Excitement, remember?

Sorry about your dad. It's never fun when they just get old. There isn't anything you can do about it no matter how many pills or surgeries. Just enjoy the time you have left.

My dad is in his 50s. He had a heart attack last year because he has a stressful job, high blood pressure, is overweight, and a diabetic. He won't do anything good for him. It is really frustrating.
Hope your Dad's foot heals up. Making us age is a kind of hard thing to deal with. Good thing we have lots of time to get used to it..
This is a subject dear to my heart..quality of life vs quantity. Dad looks like somebody I would love to pieces.
Your Dad looks good for his age Jim! I'm glad you posted this picture.

I don't like saying Hell either. You know, I don't understand why they have to use cuss words in movies. They can have a perfectly good movie and ruin it with all the language.
I know your Dad.
He's a friend of mine.
For those who don't know him...He's not being given more time to get right with God. He is right with God, and has been for my entire 56 years.
C. Vernon is the best of the best. He has taught by example.
Hi Mr. Morrow, those are great words about grandpa. Him and grandma were some of the kindest people and always looked to God for the answers rather than 'worldly' ways!

Billy read the blog (and dad's email) yesterday before I got the chance and told me about Grandpa on the way to meeting friends last night.

As far as Elise's comment, that is what Billy tells me all the time! I will be either 96 like grandpa or 35 from letting stress get to me! Yikes....
Aging is a hard process to observe, and to experience ourselves, as well. But, as things get tougher in this world, it makes us really look forward to heaven. God bless your daddy.
Sounds like your Dad is a trooper. I hope they can save his leg. The alternative is never very good. My folks are 89 and 88 and still at home, so far.

Your Dad looks great for his age. And you look dapper too in your seed corn jacket!
Jim ~ You are a FUNNY GUY! But yet you are still able, in one simple sentence (under plausible) to explain and accurately give a very concise description of what the GOSPEL is! AMAZING! ~ jb///

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