Saturday, March 11, 2006

A handy tool
That is the Site Meter.

Go get one today!
I'm glad I did! It's free!
This little tool has been a lot of fun. It also helps me keep track of my relatives who read my blog, but don't leave comments. Thanks, guys.
Here is my activity for last week: .

In visits

In visits and view

And a lot more!
Who were those twenty-three yesterday?
And the 26 the day before?
You can see that Saturdays and Mondays are the most popular.
Now it counted you twice if you visited twice. But it doesn't count me, I told it not to.
So just go to right now.
Something else, my routine
(remember the shower routine--well, that one is lost today, it was about how I scrub my scalp in the shower so I don't become bald)

(remember the Adi routine)
I didn't put coffee or a filter in the maker this morning. Hot water came out and spilled over everything. The electronics in the pot didn't like that and rebelled.
Guess we are due for a new pot.

Yesterday's 23 viewers:
Mar 10 2006

1 9:00:21 pm 10:00
2 7:45:05 pm 10:05
3 6:09:25 pm 10:00
4 6:22 pm 10:00
5 5:30:00 pm 10:00
6 4:56:09 pm

You get the idea.

Where they came from:
(and distance from me)

1 United States
Grover, Missouri 678
2 United States
Somerset, Kentucky 809
3 United States
Conroe, Texas 54*
4 United States
Blair, Nebraska 833
5 United States
Katy, Texas 27*
6 United States
Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania 1,341

You're so bad. HA! Another good site is It keeps track of the URL addresses but doesn't let people know. Sneaky Sneaky.
809 from Somerset, KY?? That's me, or are there more from here???
Isn't that a clever invention! Thanks for reading my blog, regularly.

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