Friday, June 16, 2006

Name This Photo Contest -- Time to Vote

Sorry, I promised you could vote Tuesday, on (link to complete rules). But because of various circumstances, we will vote now instead.

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Vote for your choice of picture captions by leaving a comment:

  1. Coca Cola Headquarters Under Investigation
  2. Be it ever so humble
  3. Prehistoric convenience store
  4. Zoned industrial as well as residential, this vintage structure is the handyman's dream. Make an offer today!
  5. I coulda been a contender
  6. No Pepsi Allowed Here

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Judging on the caption category will take place from Friday through midnight Monday (12:00 AM Tuesday).

We had six final entries by six persons. There were other entries by these same persons, but the latest are the ones that count.

Please only vote once and for just one caption. Have fun.

Anonymous voters please leave your first name and just vote once.

Have fun, leave your vote in the comments.

Here's a title I like better:
"Traveling south, 1956"

That's a wonderful title. Not eligible, should have said so last weekend.

Its a nice title though, even though it won't win, I might name it "Traveling south, 1956" after the contest?

Seriously, Seeker, you can still vote again for one of the six named.

We won't tell the Supreme Court.
Hey, none of mine made it. You are getting back at me for saying what I did about your feet aren't you???

Revenge Jim. I know this is revenge!!

Okay, can I vote at least??

I vote for "Be it ever so humble."
Hi Rachel. Thanks.

Yes, one listed is your entry, the last entry that qualified.

Check your history, on that one, you guessed Somerset, TX for location?

Think about it, or I can e-mail all your entries.

I'm going to a funeral now, I might just forward them all back to you this evening.
Rachel, aren't you glad I didn't GONG! you!
Oh, it was!! Gee, I entered so many I forgot!! DUH!!!

Yeah, I read that about Somerset, TX and Somerset, KY!! Small world!
Yes, I'm glad you didn't gong me for the feet comment!! :)
Oh my this is a tough one. Hmmmmm.... I would like to vote for mine but I won't. Uhhhhhhhh, I will vote for Be It Ever So Humble. O.k.....
It is only right that I vote for Be it ever so humble.
I vote #3, a prehistoric convenience store. Anon.
Hey Ralph no fair!!!! You can't vote for your own. Jim!!!!!!

Britmum is right. Did I forget or didn't check? It is rule 6.

"6. Judging on the caption category will take place from Tuesday through midnight Thursday. I will provide a ballot for you to vote on. A special e-mail address will be provided for e-mailing your vote. No one may vote for their own or their spouse/special friend's caption."

I spent so much time trying voting machines that I didn't get the special e-mail address either. That would have made for privacy and easier on me.

I didn't put who suggested which, maybe I should have. I didn't want to influence the voting by names of suggesters.
My vote goes to "could've been a contender."
I vote for #4 Zoned industrial...
Zoned industrial.

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