Sunday, June 18, 2006

Slightly Used Shrimp Boat for Sale

[click picture to enlarge]

It is docked in the little canal with the alligators. See last picture of previous post today (link to post).

We were at Esther‘s Seafood & Oyster Bar, 7237 Rainbow Lane, Port Arthur, TX 77642.

It was tied to the dock there, maybe for a long time, just in case you are trying to buy it. I can't read the phone number on the picture, even with the original shot.

You know what Jim? I am so dim. Hey I am a poet and didn't know it. LOL

Anyway I didn't realise what the picture was at the bottom and when I read this post I went back to have a look. Silly I am a nutcase. Of course I can see what it is now.

I hope you had a super day lovey..

Take care xx
If you were to swim in those bayous and canals you would learn to spot alligators real fast.

I hope you clicked on his picture, he gets bigger then. They don't have many alligators in Phoenix, do they? Probably some are at your zoo.
Jim he's not a very attractive looking whatchmacallit is he?
His wife and children think he is the most handsome of all the alligaors around there.
You can get there by boat.
Tie up to the dock at Esther‘s Seafood and Oyster Bar.
From the foot of the Rainbow Bridge in Groves, Esther‘s offers a view of the surrounding waterways through picture windows, nautical wood arches and ceiling beams.
Fried oyster po-boys and barbeque crab are served with their famous remoulade sauce.
Soft-shell crab is available in season as well as Pontchatrain fish, depending on what is fresh that day.
A great snapper filet in shrimp and crabmeat sauce was served with jambalaya during a recent visit.
Thank you, Billy and John, for a nice evening.
Is the boat for sale email me with all the details Thanks Carl
You had me at 'alligators' :)

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