Monday, June 12, 2006

Was this caption contest a dud?

It was Name this Picture
Its not too late to enter, you have until midnight (this Monday) to enter.
It is a task and a question:
A. Caption: Choose a caption for this picture.
B. Location: Where was it taken?
Contest Rules: (Click here)
Its not a big deal to enter.
Here is what there is so far:
1. Britmum said "New Blogger Headquarters ~ no viruses detected"! and some place in Texas.
2. Ralph said Caption: "Be it ever so humble" Location: Could Be Anywhere, USA (only because of the coke machine which no doubt has been converted to adult everages).
3. Cliff said "Prehistoric convenience store." Conroe, TX
There was a hint, it is not in Camilla, Texas.
You can enter as often as you wish, leave a comment. I have enabled anonymous comments.
Your last comment is the one that counts.
Note the 12-12-12 time/date stamp. Is that a bad omen?

Zoned industrial as well as residential, this vintage structure is the handyman's dream. Make an offer today!
Thanks for kicking the comments for my last post off to a thoughtful start!
"I coulda been a contender" Location? How about Buna, Texas?
12-12-12 is double trouble.
Still thinking, still thinking.
For Sale: Needs a little TLC but has A/C with a wall unit as well as fresh air through the ceiling!

Located in New Home, TX.

(Ha, I haven't a clue Jim).
Dew Drop Inn and stay awhile!

Point Blank, TX?
"Coca Cola Headquarters Under Investigation"!

Winkler, Texas
"FEMA Office"

Cowtown, TX
"No Pepsi Allowed Here"

Sour Lake, TX
"Rotty Roof Tavern"

Somerset, TX

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