Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Goes Around Might Not Come Around Much Longer Britain debates extradition of Enron bankers

Will England Parliament change its mind? They just might suspend their Extradition Act, a part of the new Terrorist Act. The British action today is probably too late to prevent the extradition of the so-called Natwest Three, allegedly connected with our famous Enron tumble to the tune of $7.3M.

It was hastily passed just like our (U.S.) Patriot Act. Lots of human rights and liberties knocked out cold in both places. The U.S. did not reciprocate as we agreed by passing a similar Extradition Act here. [see my previous July 6 post on topic]

Thank goodness and our Congress for not passing that one. But, we still want England to honor their reciprocation agreement and we are using it to get these three bankers back to the U.S. pronto. We will see.

How badly will our Supreme Court whittle away from the Patriot Act remains questionable too, since it is now packed with Bush appointees.

From the Houston Chronicle A.P. Article:
"Several opposition Conservative Party lawmakers joined the criticism, and lawmakers voted to adjourn the Commons early as a symbolic protest against the extradition. That followed a 218-116 vote Tuesday in favor of suspending the Extradition Act in the House of Lords, the upper house.
"The three bankers have said they would be willing to face a court in Britain, where the alleged offenses were carried out."

A last caveat: This blog is not political. Please, any political sounding remarks I would like posted at this same article on my more political blog, JIM'S LITTLE BLOG (THIS). Thanks.

Hi Jim, a bit off topic but I just popped in to say thanks for your visit to peterspictures, you should definitely bump Australia up to the top of your list of "to visit" places.
I'm not sure just how to say this.... I see by your profile you are 104 years old.. ummmm.... if you don't get that list whittled away pretty soon Jim you just might ... run out of time, I'm just sayin'
Peter, I know Jim and he is a fairly well preserved 104. He doesn't look a day over 95.

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