Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Texas Feed Stores

Do you have feed stores in your community? In your state? This is the Stubs feedstore in Trinity, Texas. Trinity (link), population 2721, has two feed stores.
The Polo Center [PoloCenter.com] has indexed all the feed stores in Texas (link

Find a Tractor Supply (link) near you. I shop there and get their newsletter.
Feed stores are a proud Texas tradition. Before WalMart they were THE place to be on a Saturday. They still are to some extent. See the fellow in the doorway, three guys were there on the sidewalk talking with him just before I snapped this.

If you need a special bug killer, the feed store will have it. Your dog is on a diet? The feed store has the special low fat blend or will order it. Need a sprayer for the roses, you know where. Same for corn for the deer feeders, bird seed, a blade for the hedge clippers, a new bridle for the horse, a fan belt for the tractor, and on and on.
The Polo Center [PoloCenter.com] has indexed all the feed stores in Texas (
link). Mrs. Jim worked for the schools at Santa Fe, Texas, and there was another four miles away at Alta Loma, Texas. Pasadena, Texas, location of my college [San Jacinto College] has two.
Friendswood, Texas (link), population now 29,037, our former home town has one, Whitley's. Brother Ray and I visited him regularly to coax him to come to church. Brother Ray had known Mr. Whitley for over thirty years. He died but the family has kept the business going.


This is our feed store, the closest in Willis, Texas (link). Named a long time ago, it is the Montgomery County Milling Company. They don't do much milling anymore. Willis has a lot of new subdivisions and its population is over 3,000 now.

Montgomery, Texas, our post office address town has three for its total population of 489. There are a lot of subdivisions outside town [ours has about 1500 people] and farms to help support those three.

I'll close with this picture of the Wise Hardware store in Willis. There is also a True Value but just a lot of us prefer to buy nails by weight in a paper sack rather than getting shrink wrapped or boxed ones. We can get just what we need and a couple of extra in case we bend one.

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Now I do know that the Midwest has Tractor Supply (link) and similar stores. These are generally a chain and look like Kroger or Safeway inside. Real sterile, but nice to shop in!

But do you have honest to goodness independent mom and pop feed stores? If so, please tell us about them.

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In case you are wondering, I uplinked these pictures last Saturday.
Seeker, http://thefirsthundred.blogspot.com/, has finished her tag already.
Read it and you will be blessed.
Ok, there are some feed stores in other states. But Texas has the most. Don't count your coops or graineris and the like. Just old fashioned feed stores.
will show you where.
Do you have one near by? That's what I should have asked. Most Texans can say yes.
The one I grew up with was called "Farmers' Mercantile" it is located at 702 W. Division in ornage, TX and described as the following:
This turn-of-the-century general store, opened in 1928, preserves an atmosphere western shoppers are sure to enjoy. One can still buy garden supplies, corn shuckers, sausage stuffers, hand churns, kerosene lamps, well buckets, livestock feed and hay. Also available are horse collars, saddles, bridles, blankets and other riding and draft horse tack and accessories. My parents still shop there occasionaly.
It's on my list to see. I think it is mentioned in the Texas book that the Department of Transportation puts out every year.
I think we have one in Desert Hills near us. Never had a reason to go there so not sure. I think you can drive up in your truck and they will put stuff on the back.

Great piccies.

Take care xx
I was driving through Houston, and there--in the middle of town, inside the loop--was a feed store.

I couldn't believe it could be authentic, and still doing business to boot, but sho' 'nuff 'twas.

Tim and I got our pig there.
I say Tim and I 'cuz Mr. Chan had said "no pigs."

But it loved us--or so we thought. It really wanted food, and climbed up the walls of its open pen to check us out for eats.

The store owner gave us a deal, and we drove merrily home with Wilbur, whereupon we baptized him with Avon Skin-So-Soft and attempted to pillow train him. Mr. Chan was out of town of course.

But this really belongs on my (lately defunct) blog, huh.
Yes, Susie, you said it too!
That is an excellent story for a blog post. I remember Wilbur well.
We have a feed store right around the corner..less than a mile from here.
About 2 miles up the road there is another one in Grangerland.

I do my business at the first one. I buy my chicken feed, hay and show goat food there. Also, buy pet supplies and some critters there. I love feed stores. There is a big commercialized feed store at the corner of Hwy 105 and Loop 336 they have a lot of nice country decorations and plants that I like to buy.

I enjoyed this post of yours :)
TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY LOCATIONS NEAREST YOU (listed in order of distance from Montgomery, Texas)

1407 I 45 N - CONROE, TX 77304-2141
(936) 756-3831
Conroe, Texas, is the one where I shop, their sales staff seems to be very knowledgeable.

27400 Tomball Parkway - TOMBALL, TX 77375-6505
(281) 357-0000

1702A 11TH ST - HUNTSVILLE, TX 77340-3723
(936) 291-8000
[Our dentist is in Huntsville]

23741 HIGHWAY 59 STE 41 - PORTER, TX 77365-5389
(281) 354-8887

(979) 764-4757

KATY #756
444 FM 1463 Road - KATY, TX 77494-5439
(281) 574-1391

2718 S MARKET ST - BRENHAM, TX 77833-5942
(979) 836-9797

1400 FM 2218 RD - RICHMOND, TX 77469-5438
(281) 232-5424

2337 N MAIN ST - LIBERTY, TX 77575-3901
(936) 334-1100

ALVIN #446
1200 FM 1462 RD - ALVIN, TX 77511-4054
(281) 824-9609

I am to select this as your preferred store · map & driving directions.

Feed Stores.... hmmmm, I live in Chicago. NOPE.
Our local feed store / grain elevator is on life support at this time. It used to be the place to catch a "bull session" between the local farmers on Saturday mornings. Not much going on there now, sadly.
Sorry to intrude, but enjoy the blog. If anyone needs #1 quality alfalfa delivered to them or their feed store, let me know. Plenty of alfalfa put up this winter. Alfalfa located in far west TX. alfalfa.hay@hotmail.com
Our feed stores are called 'supermarkets' ;)

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