Monday, September 25, 2006

A Few of Jim's Toys

Grown boys have toys. Some toys are big, some are small. These are fairly small.

Front row, right to left:

Green 1960 Ford Galaxy Fordor Hardtop. Plastic. Ford dealer promotion car from Dad's collection.

Beige 1955 Ford Thunderbird with removable top. Die cast 1:24 Scale. Gift from friend, Ray.

aqua 1964 Ford Falcon Sport Coupe. Plastic. Ford dealer promotion car from Dad's collection.

Back row, right to left:

Silver 1958 Vespa 150 Grand Sport. Die cast 1:18 scale Maisto. Gift (cost 7.00 Euro) from myself, as a souvenir from Sicily.

M1 Hummel Club girl--early 1990s--Ich bring Dir was (I Brought You a Gift). From Mom's collection.

M1 Hummel Club boy, membership year 1992/93--stamped 1989--Ein frohlicher Gessell (Lucky Fellow). From Mom's collection.


Late 1800s or early 1900s writing desk. From Dad's office, inherited from his Aunt Minnie.

1. I have not had any of these vehicles full scale as drivers.
....One I have had a similar model two years older.
....One I have never had this model of vehicle.
....I'll tell you later, in a couple of days how close I came.
2. None of these toys are very valuable, the Hummel figures are worth the most. I do not have the boxes for them.

3. You can click on the picture for full screen. Then do function key 11 for a larger view. F-11 key restores header information, "Back" button returns to blog.

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Nice models Jim, are those Custard Apples in the post below?
Nice toys.
Hello Jim, Nice collection of cars. My uncle has a huge collection of model cars. Many of them have been collected in the USA.
Nice toys Jim. Love the desk too!!
Peter -- Those are what we call 'horse apples.' They aren't edible. I checked on your Custard Apples, they sound pretty good.

I have a fairly comprehensive post about them for July 2, 2006. The link about horse apples there isn't the best, better is

Other common names are Osage Orange and Hedge Apple. They are native to this area (maybe the Spaniards brought them in with horses?).

You can do a Technorati search, put apple in the little red search this blog box just below my Site Meter. It found thirteen blogs about these apples for me.
Nice models Jim. I really like that desk.
I just popped in to say, Thank You for the birthday wishes.
You like old Ford's just like your Dad, eh Jim??
Nice cars Jim, my 3 year old loves cars plays with them for hours, Im sure he would like to get his hands on them.
nice models jim i love the Hummels i have 2 lovely ones my late husband bought me when he went to Germany

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