Thursday, September 14, 2006

Houston, do we have a problem?

Jim is the problem, he wants to do some work on the golf cart before we go riding.


Isn't this a mess? Right away it reminded me of the older song, "I Don't Wanna To Do Your Dirty Work." **



This a lot better. Will it run better now? No, but those batteries are getting old. Five years old. [Note the date, it was July 5, 2006]

Now Adi can go for her ride. We could almost eat off those batteries.

Technical aspects: six each six volt golf/marine batteries in series (with each other, like flashlight batteries) make a 36 volt power pack. When new we could play 36 holes easily on one charge. Maybe 24 holes now (Rachel, 18 holes is one round of golf, or a complete game of golf.) Remember too, it is almost another mile to the pro shop where we start.


Trouble In Bayou City!

With a capital "T"


This is my new battery. My friend Dick lent me his hydrometer to find the culprit. Luckily it was just one, for now.

I shopped around. On-line they were $149.95, one place had them for sale at $129.95. Plus shipping, that was sounding expensive.

Armed with this knowledge, I called the place where we bought the cart. They would sell us a battery for just $70.74. Much better, and I could pick it up for mere gas money.

As I was walking to Bible study yesterday, Mrs. Jim and friend Marilyn caught me in the parking lot. Marilyn said Sam's had them for $50.00. That saved the day, I would have gotten the seventy dollar one by nine.

Jim's better idea:



See that wire tie with a handle in the middle. I made that tool to make it easier to pick up the batteries. It ended up I had to take all but one out to clean the carrier free of some corrosion (that white stuff that grows on batteries also grows on the battery holder).




The new battery doesn't blend very good, does it? It should be a better battery, it is made by Interstate Batteries. The OEMs are Trojans.

Adi and I took it for an hour test ride after lunch. It was fairly well charged and seemed to have ample battery for eighteen holes of golf and the commute to and from the club house.

Mrs. Jim will test them on the course Friday.

That was about as exciting as the shower routine I posted about one day (link). I'm sure I bored you if you finished. But aren't you glad to find what happens on the day in the life of a retired fellow.

** Now for our song:

Dirty Work
By Steely Dan
Hear it now at

Dirty Work Lyrics

Artist: Steely Dan
Album: Dirty Work


Times are hard

You're afraid to pay the fee

So you find yourself somebody

Who can do the job for free

When you need a bit of lovin'

Cause your man is out of town

That's the time you get me runnin'

And you know I'll be around


I'm a fool to do your dirty work

Oh yeah

I don't wanna do your dirty work

No more

I'm a fool to do your dirty work

Oh yeah

Light the candle

Put the lock upon the door

You have sent the maid home early

Like a thousand times before

Like the castle in its corner

In a medieval game

I foresee terrible trouble

And I stay here just the same


I'm a fool to do your dirty work

Oh yeah

I don't wanna do your dirty work

No more

I'm a fool to do your dirty work

Oh yeah


That song was great! He went right along with your post. My 9 year old son now wants to put music on his blog. : )
Well, I would have assumed they only had one battery. The things I learn reading your blog Jim! Thanks for explaining about the golf for me. You know that I am not golf savvy!!

I'm glad you managed to find a cheaper one and got it fixed! We can't have Adi not taking rides.
We may have to try it out one day and make sure it works well. We could also let Mrs. Jim give me a golf lesson while we try it out.
Lori, that makes two nine-year olds who read my blog. That keeps me a little bit sensible most of the time, especially since I am 'Papa J' to one.
Do all your kids have blogs?
Rachel, yes Adi loves those rides. I knew from before that you weren't very familiar with golf.
Billy, it is time for your checking it out for about 18 holes. I don't think it will strand you. Well, it wouldn't be stranding, just that you might have to push.
Mrs. Jim practices what you taught her, she would like for you to critque her.
There are a lot of golf things she can use help with.
I found the whole post interesting. Must be a guy thing. Fixing stuff interests me, ha,ha..

You should take the golf cart out and run it until it stops. Just to see how far it will go, ha,ha..

AJ started a blog but didn't do anything with it. Last year Bo (my 9 year old) wanted a website. I asked if a blog would do for the time being. He still like it. He sits with me in the morning before he goes to school and we read all the comments on our blog. We than visit the blog I enjoy reading. Your just happens to be one of them.
My Theory is if its broken throw it away and buy a new one... LOL
Hi there.. came here thorugh Travel Plaza's blog... interesting writing..

What is your handicap?
Hi Jim,
Interesting post. I don't know a thing about fixing stuff...that's hubby's job.

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