Saturday, September 23, 2006

Road Rage II - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Huskers 56, Troy State 6

Nebraska Football First!

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That's my prediction. Here are Harry Husker and Adi, just ready to root for Nebraska in good ol' Nebraska Football! Go here to find out the Harry Husker history.

My day is full today. I have a lot of work to do in finishing up my Sunday school lesson I'm supposed to teach tomorrow.

I hope to get enough done so I can listen to the Nebraska game via streaming audio at six tonight, probably from Radio KFAB (link), Omaha, Nebraska. A lot of times I will listen on Penquin Internet Radio (link), they have it coming from KLAV (Los Vegas) and their own audio link.

Mrs. Jim has flown the coupe this weekend to play at Calgary, Alberta, Canada (link). There she will do some more Mother/Daughter bonding as Karen is there on a business trip.

My bachelor days will end Tuesday evening. She has plenty of chores to keep my busy. Maybe more on that later.


Road Rage II stuff.

It doesn't last very long, but this lady's license plate (L.O.L.) sure wasn't funny at the moment.

In no time I caught up with her, I was coming back from taking Mrs. Jim to the airport and helping Mema with a few things.

I was in a hurry, this lady wasn't. The speed limit on our Farm to Market Road 1097 is 55, most go at least 60. She was going 43 when I caught up with her. As you can see, there isn't any passing for the next five miles!

First she smoothed her hair and did more lipstick. I was tailgating so I could watch her pull down her vanity mirror. Then she had to call her husband to check in. She almost went off the road dialing, that's what she was doing in this picture.

Wouldn't you know it, finally we got to the lake bridge where I could pass and she upped her speed to 68. Her husband must have said hurry, he was hungry and it was almost dinner time!

I was fuming and fussing all the way but you would be proud of me. No cuss words! A few other choice ones though!

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I'm proud of you Jim for not running into her and pushing her out of the way!! It can be quite frustrating at times to say the least!!
Oh, you better behave with Mrs. Jim gone! I too have to teach my Sunday School class tomorrow, so I must work on that today as well.

Also we have been getting huge amounts of rain. The rain guage said 3 1/2 inches overnight and more rain is on the way and severe storms. We have a tornado watch until 9 p.m. What a day for the first day of fall!!

Enjoy your weekend and the game!! Goooo Nebraska!!!
Well Rachel, there isn't a mean bit in my body, I wouldn't ever do that.
I'm really pretty nice so I wasn't tailgating her at all. I cut the picture down to make it look closer.
Sorry to disappoint anyone.
Be careful with those tornado watches! Keep your ears open for trains. Thats what we do.
Thanks a lot for the Nebraska cheer.
I was wrong, it was 56 to Nothing [0].
Yea Huskers! Congratulations!
Hi, Jim, I just found your blog and enjoyed this post!

I used to say, when a car was going really slow in front of me, that it had to be either a little old woman in glasses or a little old man in a hat. I sincerely apologize to any little old people, because I now see the error of my thinking. Usually when someone is crawling in front of me, it's a person on a cell phone!

Also, a shameless plug. I recently started a blog for people to share their wacky, weird, frustrating driving experiences. It's called m u d g u a r d. Your post would be perfect for it.
Was that the Troy State Blind School? I see the Sooners whooped up on Middle Tennessee State (who?) 59-0 the same day. Still I'm proud of your Huskers, where the N on the helmet stands for Nowledge.

Adi did look truly enthusiastic didn't she? It is a shame there seem to be so many impolite motorists around these days. Is it legal to use a mobile phone whilst driving over there? It is not legal here but one would never know that by the number of people who do it. Thanks for comments on my site, no I did no know Steve Irwin personally, but know people who did.
Cheers Margaret

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