Friday, September 22, 2006

Road Rage

After following these guys in formation like this for several blocks, where do you think the dummy in the left lane went?

That green garbage truck made a right turn, the other two trucks let him in to do it. Traffic had been backed up for blocks behind this mess.

The driver of the car following him found out a few blocks later that he had gotten off the freeway four miles too soon.

Wasn't the sky pretty that day. I just now noticed that.


Note: This is NOT Houston traffic. I don't want us to get a bad name for drivers like this. In fact, this didn't even happen in Texas. It did happen on my shift though.

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I hope both you and Adi are feeling better now....
BTW, I bet picking up her poopies after that was a real treat. I was thinking... if they came out "pre-packaged" in liver sausage wrap. hmmmmmm
Maybe they were just having some fun at everyone's expense!! You are right, the sky is really pretty!

BTW, my dog does chew potato chips and crackers! I forgot about those!
Yes Rachel, Adi also chews potato and corn chips and graham crackers.
I had soda crackers (she chews them too) with my snack. They make Adi sick, that's why I was flavoring her treat, to avoid giving her soda crackers.

Seeker, I use newspaper wraps to pick up after her. That is easy. I only pick up in people's lawns, not in open fields or vacant lots.
It really stinks to get behind these truck!
Hi Jim.
If i was driving your car i wouldn't have noticed the sky either.
Stay Well.

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