Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Windmill Raising -- It's up this time!

It was almost a no brainer this time. In a couple of hours things looked like this.

John is pleased, it doesn't tip as much as the photograph would make you think. Take a look at the bridge posts, they are straight up and down.

More pictures should be on here some time tomorrow. I'm getting the house ready now, Mrs. Jim is coming home in about three hours.
[click on the picture to enlarge]
[go here (link) for the beginning of this story]

I hope its spotless for Mrs Jim.

That windmill looks a bit wobbly.

Take care xx
Great looking windmill Jim! Glad he got it up.

I hope you got that house shining for when Mrs. Jim gets home!!
I adore windmills! Looks lovely indeed. :O)

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