Thursday, November 16, 2006

Does this cat killer really like cats?

Ain't she cute?
[Click on this wild kitty from
Sicily, Italy, for full screen.
Here she's begging for food.]
More on the Galveston cat killer
[My previous article about Jim Stevenson was
November 13(link) after the middle of the page.]

Accused cat killer says he likes the animals - Houston Chronicle, Nov. 16, 2006, (link): GALVESTON —

"It has come across in articles that I hate cats and that's just not true," Stevenson said in an interview at his home today. "I actually like cats in the house. I have friends I visit and I play with their cats in my lap."

Ornithologist Jim Stevenson won't say how many feral cats he has shot since he moved to Galveston a decade ago but acknowledges "it's a lot fewer than the number of birds I've saved.
Stevenson, 53, is charged with animal cruelty in the shooting death of a cat near the San Luis Pass Bridge at the far west end of Galveston Island on Nov. 8."

I haven't removed anyone from my list lately.
I've been so busy with Mema in the hospital that I haven't had much time to read ya'all's blogs.
Hoping Mema is doing better.
Jim I've actually talked to several avid pheasant hunters in my lifetime who have told me they shoot every wild cat they come across. It's to protect the nesting. I've never done that thinking they also kill mice and rats.
I do hope Mema is doing better. We miss you but we know you are busy and haven't forgotten us Jim. You do what you have to do and take good care of Mema!!

I read the article about the cat shooter. Shame on him! And shooting near toll booths from his car?? Sounds like he might be sorta on the whacko list to me.

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