Monday, November 13, 2006

When you get a lemon,

Make Lemonade!

I brought them in before the birds got them. Do birds like lemons?

Birds and cats do not get along. One enterprising Gavlveston birder is illegally helping the bird side of the tussle.

"GALVESTON — A well-known birder and founder of the Galveston Ornithological Society has been charged with animal cruelty, accused of shooting a stray cat with a .22-caliber rifle."
Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle (

In another Houston Chronicle [see a subsequent post by clicking here] this was said about Jim Stevenson's killing 24 wild cats.

In his birdwatcher's newsletter, the jailed wildlife author and photographer, ornithologist Jim Stevenson, said ""And I'm sorry if this offends, but I sighted in my .22 rifle and killed about two dozen cats in about the first year," the passionate birdwatcher and professional birding guide wrote. "When we allow feral cats to roam free, . . . "" (second link)

cool tree :)

hey Jim, those were leaves in that tree not birds :)

this is cool, the word verif, is (catvol) is that funny ornot!
Not, in light of the blog subject.
I have never seen a lemon tree before. thanks for the picture. I am glad your mother-in-law is better.
At least he's consistent in his beliefs.
I'm sorry Jim , for that last line on my first comment, wasn't thinking!
I smell lemon bars, fresh from the oven. Mrs. Jim, have you been baking?!
I like birds. But I also like cats.
I also thought that lemon trees were bigger..
Hi Jim.
Back from our trip with new computer,Jen and myself had great time.thanks for your visit.
Small tree but nice lemons..

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