Friday, December 01, 2006

Some lovely ladies with their stories -- Britney Spears; Mema; Mrs. Jim; Robin Roberts; and Adi -- Every one of them with a companion too!

Monday, The Bachelor, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, revealed Jen as his choice for Bachelorette (link to my long blog on that).
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Britney Spears has too many friends

Britney Spears has been trying for rating of some kind lately. Go here to find some othe latest about her. For one thing she's flashed the paparazzi for the fourth time in less than a week.

Mema with Son and Daughter-in Law


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This is Mema (her 89th birthday picture) (my blog about her). Her companions are her Son, Danny, and his wife, Winetta, from Tennessee. They were visitors for Thanksgiving along with ten of her kids and grandkids.

Also visiting were Daughter, Velma, and son-in-law, Royce. Two of their children also were here, Tammy and husband, J.B. and sons Phillip and Justin, then Phil and wife, Lisa, and children Marty and Gabby (
picture)(my blog about them). Of course Mrs. Jim and I visited Mema also. Adi watched our house for us.

Mema is now residing in a Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Park Manor, at Conroe, Texas. She has settled in so good considering all the problems she has had late with her congestive heart failures. Her two quick trips to the hospital were very hard on her.

Mrs. Jim and friend, Russian Yogi Bear
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This is a picture of Mrs Jim enjoying our Russian trip, we were stopping for a day visit at Uglich, Russia (day four Uglich photo). On the way back to our ship we stopped at this park. It was a school day and no children were playing.


Adi with friend, Harry Husker (Go Big Red, Go Big Red!)

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Adi is ready for the Big 12 Campionship game this weekend against Oklahoma. Guess what, the Nebraska quarterback, Zac Taylor grew up in Norman, Oklahoma. His Dad, Sherwood Talor, was a defensive back for Oklahoma back in the 1970s. Zac is a large part of the reason the Huskers are doing so well this year.

Adi's friend, Harry Husker (my blog about Harry's history), was my Mom's buddy. Harry lived out on the screened and windowed front porch of their home. He never was put outside on game day, she was afraid he would get kidnapped.

(Go Big Red Nebraska Huskers, Go Big Red Nebraska Huskers!)
Robin Roberts of ABC's GMA with friend, Dale Earnhardt Jr.


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Here Robin Roberts (a.k.a. "Big Red") has just egressed into Dale Jr.'s Number Eight car as viewed on the ABC GMA (Good Morning America) yesterday morning. Her friend, in the red racing suite, is NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. (link)(NASCAR link). I'm not sure who the other fellow was.

For GMA photos of Robin Roberts (a.k.a. "Big Red") with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and others go here.


1. Girls, don't you thing Driver Jeff Burton taking a rest on his Cingular car (link) is the cutest?

2. Who said today that having goals is a "set-up for unrealistic expectations?" (answer, George W. Bush--speaking about having a time-table for turning Iraq over to Iraq)

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Jim said...
Britmum -- I used Picassa to put most of these pictures on. I don't know if Blogger was allowing pictures now, but it wasn't earlier when I started.
Picassa is easier but slower.

Ralph and Rachel -- Our lake is full now, 201 feet above sea level at the dam. That's how they measure it.

Cliff, I haven't heard of it being a blue heron. I have heard of blue herons but not 'Shik-pokes.'
That Rachel is pretty smart too!

Lori -- they got snow up at Dallas but not around here (the Houston area). We had snow a few years ago but I was in Iowa at the time.

All -- isn't that Adi cute!

Thu Nov 30, 11:28:44 PM CST

Margaret said...
Hi Jim, how much more rewarding to read about your lovely ladies as opposed to poor Brittney, it is easier to find excuses for bad behaviour than to behave with decorum for some people. If only the poor girl knew that if she respects herself, others will in turn respect her, at least worthwhile people will, which would lead to a happier way of life for her. I feel very sorry for these poor lost souls.
Cheers Margaret

Fri Dec 01, 01:44:59 AM CST

jel said...
Hi Jim and Mrs. Jim,

Fri Dec 01, 02:54:57 AM CST
Very good read this morning Jim. Yeah Picassa is slow but it works for me. I am not technical and I hate asking Scragend to help me. I like being independant with my blog.

Take care xx
Cliff Morrow, my bird expert in residence, a question for you?

What kind of bird is that behind Mrs. Jim and the bear?

In Texas we would call it a seagull.

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