Friday, January 19, 2007

I'd Go Back (in an instant)

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and Night

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The day after out back

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These were taken during our stay at Bettolle, Italy, last spring.

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This will (might) be a gap filler till I get back into the blogging mood.
The funeral is tomorrow, visitation this evening.
Hi Jim ~~ Looks a nice place and maybe you will visit again.
Thinking of you and Mrs. Jim and the family for tomorrow. My usual quote --
Don't be sad that she has gone,
Be glad that she has been.
Thanks for your comment about our
"similar" temperatures. A happy medium would be nice. Take care, Merle.
Awww Jim I would go back with you. A truly beautiful place.

If you need a guest blogger I will fill in for you.

Take care sweetie and you are in our thoughts and prayers. xxx
Lovely place Jim, just lovely!!
I just read Mema - I am so sorry.

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