Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ok, now we can know where in the world Jim was

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Guess Number 1
There's a hint here someplace.
Jim was in Iowa for this shot. Two hints here, first the date. Check my old blogs. Karen knew, she took the picture.
Second hint, click on the picture to make it full screen. You can read the word "Amana" on that building.
In the Amana Colonies, Iowa, they make microwaves and refrigerators.
They also have those delicious ribs! (link to post)


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Guess Number 2
This isn't an abandoned house and it's residents aren't homeless.
[Other homeless post link]

Not so good a clue here. If you're from the South you know the scene, just not where.

Up North or West you just don't see people with couches on their front porches. Most of their porches are screened to keep out the squitos

I took this picture on a Sunday morning on the way to church. Most Sundays there were at least a couple of men sitting and talking. Note the street was wet. I think it was a little cool for sitting out on the porch.

This particular double couched porch is on South Main Street in Conroe, Texas.


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This couch is in Mrs. Jim's study/music room right now. It was the first piece of furniture we bought in our marriage.

Now it has to go. Mrs. Jim has a nice chair and a hassock to match that replaces this couch. [She may get a more petite sofa also.]

What to do with the old couch? You guessed it, put it on our back porch. Our front porch is too small for a couch. Now we will watch the golfers. Too bad we can't be out front to watch the traffic.


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Guess Number 3

I give up, you tell me here too


This picture is a dud. It was supposed to be a part of a blog I didn't write. A blog about pictures I didn't take while I was in Iowa.


The shot is of Karen's and my feet taken at the Delta Lounge in Cincinatti.


Pretty feet? Not pretty enough for the pretty feet contest I'm sure.




You will really have to beg me to blog about the pictures I didn't take. The blog I didn't write too!

Those Southern porch couches: you never see both men and women sitting out there at the same time.

Couch on our porch? Jury of one said @#$%! That means _______ ?
Good morning Jim...Just came from Curuious Sevant's and I have only one thing to say..."For sure and Karen was gone when she got her car licence but at least she came back eh?
At least long enough to take these nice pictures!!

I spotted a little doggie on your site but I have to hurry to work. I will visit the little guy later!

Just a few more links and you wlll be on my favorites!!

One of these days. I will HAVE to learn how to put them in myself but in the meantime, that Noel Lewis is doing a pretty good job!!...From Terry
Put it on the front porch Jim. Have some fun with the Mrs.
Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Jim:)I've missed blogging and being in touch with all of you. My fall sem is over. I am taking a break from school this sem, but will continue to work part-time. Hopefully things should cool down a bit on this end now.
Mrs. Jim is right about that couch on the back porch!! Adi would probably like it though! Thanks for filling us in where you were. I made that picture bigger and put on my strong glasses and still could not read the name on that building!

Looks like the house picture with the sofas on the porch has one beside of it too. They just hate to throw things away looks like!
Morning Jim, and Mrs. Jim :)

could we pleaseeeeeeeee see your other pictures! pretty pleaseeeeeee!

and thank you for stopping by!
My point was supposed to be that there AREN'T any pictures to show you.
I had wanted to tell you about what we saw and to show you the pictures of what I was seeing or nor seeing.
I love the shoes!!!!
I read it wrong ?
sorry , my eyes an't what they use tobe!

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