Friday, February 23, 2007

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Help solve the case of the missing socks

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Adi said, "I didn't do it." We thought maybe the dryer got them but it turned out that wasn't the case either.
Normally I have three pair of heavy black socks and one blue pair. A pair of the black ones had been missing [AWOL, if you know what I mean] for several months.

That all doesn't sound terrible, but Mrs. Jim does not like me to go to dress-up functions, or even church, wearing my heavy white socks. I have eight pair of those so I did have socks, just not clean dark ones at all times.

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Here are the culprits. Normally my socks don't go in the same drawer as my cut-offs. I vaguely remember putting them in there. SOMEBODY (else) (?) put those shorts over them later.

Even though Adi helped, it was me who found them. It was time to wear warm weather clothing because the weather got up into the eightys Wednesday.

As soon as I picked up those shorts, VIOLA, there were the socks, exposed for everyone to see.

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I'm so glad it's spring again! So is my little Mustang. This was the first warm-weather, top-down, day of 2007.

[I don't want you to worry about that white garage door paint on the bumper. I have some latex paint remover that takes it right off. I've been there before, done that.]
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Adi doesn't get her feelings hurt very often. This time she just scolded me for not believing her when she said she wasn't at fault for those lost socks. And she doesn't want it to happen again!

A nice long ride in the Mustang will make things all better with Adi. And a doggy dish of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.

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Hi Jim and mrs Jim
fancy poor Adi getting the blame for the missing socks. We always blame the washing machine for gobbling them up Hehehe.
Ah, you treat Adi so well, ice cream and all, and a nice ride with the top down!! Glad you found those socks Jim. The mystery is solved!!
I finally washed off a few months' worth of salt and grime from my car, and they say were getting more snow this weekend. Bah Humbug.
(My socks don't get lost... it seems I wear 'em 24/7 for most of the year.)
Adi can...join a doggy union and demand better treatment.
It is currently 21 degrees here. Wish I were there.
Hi Jim ~~ As if Adi would steal your socks!! Shame on you for thinking that.Glad you had a nice ride in your
car with the hood down. Bit flash !!
Thanks for your visit and warning not to do that HTML thing around cats.
At least Lee's advice seemed to work.
The birthday would be a sad day to remember Mema, but lots of happy memories help. Take care of you and Mrs.Jim. Cheers, Merle.
Gotta love Adi!! Bless her cotton little paws.

I love your car Nick and I wish you could take me for a spin in it.

Take care xx
to think that SWEET little Adi would do something like that :)

Ice would bee nice thou
Hey what's the big idea Jim?
This is nothing but an old posting!
Adi is STILL in Canada trying her best to make those kitties behave that are visiting Bernie and me.
I TOLD you that I will be sending her and Amber back in a few days!!
Yeh! For sure and we have finally succeeded in getting that Amber to wake up at 7AM instead of 5AM!!...from Terry

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