Saturday, February 10, 2007

Goodbye Anna Nichole Smith

1967 - 2007
We will miss you.
[born Vickie Lynn Hogan in Houston on Nov. 28, 1967;
her family soon moved to Mexia, south of Dallas]
Houston Chronicle obituary link

[picture from Wickopedia, find the article here]

Our prayers now should be for your daughter, that she may become an honorable woman and be able to lead a normal life. The eighty-eight million would be a big help too, I hope she gets it all.


The Houston Chronicle of February 10, 2007 [click here]

My previous blog of June 23, 2006 [click here]

HoustonChronicle Resource list: [click on each one]

Will her fame last?
Hometown reluctant to claim her
Her final film ready for release
Trailer for Illegal Aliens
Zsa Zsa's husband baby's father?
TrimSpa mourns spokeswoman
Events speed probe of son's death
The life of Anna Nicole Smith
Thoughts from her friends [my favorite, maybe, one entry: ""Her poor little baby, you know, that little girl having to grow up without a mother. That's the first thing I thought of. I wish her family the best, I really do." — Country singer LeAnn Rimes."]
Concern for baby in Bahamas
Smith leaves behind legal tangle
Her tabloid life had appeal
Life, times of Anna Nicole
'She's reunited with Daniel'
Anna Nicole collapses, dies
Anna Nicole Smith: 1967-2007 [Jim judges as the best photos]
The original: Marilyn Monroe
Your thoughts on Anna Nicole

If any of these in the list don't work, go to the Houston Chronicle link first mentioned.

Very sad life... very sad story! ~ jb///
Money just doesn't make you happy. Sad that she died so young and her son too. Very sad indeed. She was a beautiful woman.
There was something about her that made her watchable. So very tragic and a terribly sad ending to her life.

I hope her daughter gets the love she needs.

Take care xx
This wasn't a good thing to watch. I hope the daughter is well cared for.
A young life cut short is always so tragic, I hope her daughter finds loveing arms to care for her.
That's so sad about that poor lady!

I know that somewhere in her life that the Lord spoke to her. He is so willing for anyone to come to him.
Sometimes I wonder why He ever gave me so many chances.
I wasn't saved until I was 17 and had said no so many times!
It seems that there are so many people that just have a chance or two and I often wonder WHY the Lord was so kind to me.

It is so sad Jim...From Terry
HI Jim.I will asure you Gwens Pic was for real.after they ask was I alright they then ask can we take pic (there was more than 1 camera clicking away) while your still on the ground.then they helped me up.. Take Care
What goes around comes around, eh Jim? Karma is an interesting thing.

I am sure the baby will be fine with the money Anna already has and the life her real father will give her. much better than she would have had otherwise. She won't be getting any from the Marshall estate.
Thank's 'Cato.' I haven't figured Cato out, last time she was located near Enis, Texas. This time she came from the Katy area.

She may be connected with the Marshall legal team. She doesn't have a blog, just an address for commenting.

Her name came from the Romans,
says this: "Cato the Elder, was a politician and statesman in the late Roman Republic, and a follower of the Stoic philosophy. He is remembered for his legendary stubbornness and tenacity (especially in his lengthy conflict with Gaius Julius Caesar), as well as his immunity to bribes, his moral integrity, and famous distaste for the ubiquitous corruption of the period."

The 'Cato' here is a namesake only, no match for the real thing.

She leaves cheap shots that can't be answered on a blog of her own. She probably won't check this one to see if she riled me (she didn't).
But I don't like cheap shots, ones that there won't be any retribution. Just say it and get away with it.

I threw away about six of her previous comments on the Howard Marshal blog before I left the last one, toned down by her.
One last thing. I called her a "she." If she is a "he" she sure doesn't act like one, she just comments nastily and sissy like in the dark under cover of an account only.

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