Monday, February 19, 2007

Trail Rides In Spring -- a popular sight in Texas

This looked like trouble ahead. We were in Camilla, Texas, on the way to Louisiana. I was just telling Mrs. Jim that I would like some Texas trail ride pictures this spring. Really though, I wasn't ready for one to be in our lane ahead of us.
This group had come from Beaumont, Texas, and expected to end up in Houston for the Houston Rodeo and Livestock show. That is the world's largest rodeo.
Yes, and Camilla is where that little house was featured in my last May 26 blog (link). Rachel wrote a nice little story about it also.

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My Dad would have loved this,
this is what he would do, he loved his mules! :)

Thanks Jim for this post,
Oh, I loved these pictures Jim!! I am a horse fan and LOVE to ride! I would love going on the trail ride. I prefer to ride out on a farm or in the woods though, rather than on the road. Love the wagons, the mules, the horses, love it all! Thanks for posting these pictures. Makes me want to go horseback riding.
I came back this morning for another look at those lovely animals and this wonderful trail ride!
That's a familiar sight in these parts too Jim. As a matter of fact one will start and return to our farm in April. We'll serve dinner in the shed. They do a good job of avoiding roads and still on a path the wagons can handle. And like you I will go into the house at the end of the day to sleep in my kingsized air bed.
Can't Adi...ride in the trail ride?
Wow what great pictures and such a neat experience.

I miss you when you are gone Jim.

Take care xx

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