Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Have a house guest

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Her name is Amber, she is Adi's little sister who lives with Karen and Billy.

Amber will be a long term guest with Adi, Mrs. Jim, and me.

I think it is obvious then, that we are back from Nebraska. We came in Sunday night late, just after midnight. We were on the road for sixteen uneventful hours.

A Border Welcome

We stopped at McKinney, Texas, just inside the Texas border. For the first time since we left Texas a stranger said 'hello, how are you', in a pleasant caring manner.

That is not uncomon in Texas. Strangers care for other strangers almost as much as their families. I did that in the Midwest to strangers, and most would reply, but always I was the first to break the ice.

I was feeling at home already. It helped too, that the first Senior Diet Coke there at the MacDonalds was only a quarter. Real friendly people these Texans.

Nickel Ice Cream Cones

That reminds me of the summer of 1961. We were moving to New Hampshire. It would be a new job there at the Air Force Satellite Tracking Station, we had just arrived in Manchester where we would live for the next three years.

The July afternoon was hot and our 1951 Ford wasn't air-conditioned. So I decided to treat the kids to an ice cream cone. We pulled into the little walk-up ice cream place and I asked for six nickel ice cream cones.

People in the store were pretty rude to laugh at us. Then they said to try starting with the quarter ones. Gone were the days of cheap El Paso, Texas, living. At least for three years.

I got back to Texas as fast as I could!

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Amber sure does sound at home w/ her grandma and grandpa. I bet she has had fun exploring around and learning her resort!
You probably caught everyone by surprise with those Texas plates Jim. The rest of the country isn't used to friendly Texans.
Don't worry about it, we get the same treatment in Texas.
My mother-in-law said when she crossed the border into Texas there was a sign that said, "Welcome to Texas. Now go home." Could that be true?
Now, Chicago is the place to have nobody greet you on the street, unless it's the people next door and you've really worked hard at getting to know them. We just moved to "Smallville" and I love seeing the friendliness on the street again.
Amber soon made herself at home even sharing Adis bed.
Seeker, That was Oregon's sign. I remember it back in the 80's and 90's. It said "Welcome to Oregon. Now go Home."

Texas signs say, "Welcome to Texas. Drive Friendly."

Jeanette, Amber has a lot of nerve. She doesn't like Adi's tail on her bod, even if it is Adi's bed.

Cliff, that really did happen. And yes, he did see the plates. It could be that he thought he should know me.

Karen, you have a nice cat. She tried four times this morning to get into bed with us. And she found out how to get under the bed too.'..
I would have gotten back to Texas fast too. lol

Adi is such a pleasant dog. She is so nice to all animals. I bet nothing makes her mad. Bless her.

Glad you are home safe and well Jim.

Take care xx
Glad you had a safe trip to and from Nebraska Jim.

Amber is so pretty!!! She and Adi seem to be getting along well.
We have an outside cat named Amber, but it's a boy. He was named before we knew what it was. Looks just like that one too.
If you want to see a hard-nosed area for making friends, this is the place. Very unfriendly.

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