Monday, April 23, 2007

I have "Sevens on Sixes," what do you have?

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Should I have should said, "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours?" A 'call' might have been in order?

Now, I'm not much a poker player but I do know this is a pretty good hand. A Royal Flush, a Straight Flush, or a Four of a Kind will beat this Full House, as will a higher card Full House, say 'Kings on Sixes.' [
Link to 'Ranking of Poker Hands' site]

Now I've had a lot of fun putting the last 27,000 or so miles on, it had 49,000 plus when I got it back in 2001. For a nine-year old car ['98 model], this isn't too bad.

Since we see that 150, you might ask if it has ever been there or faster. I don't know the answer to that, I don't know how fast the LOL (Little Old Lady) who had it before me made it go.

I do know it gets pretty close to that pretty fast and still wants to go more. There may be an electronic shutdown but if so it must be over the 150 mark.

Can you tell by looking at the speedometer what kind of car it is, without looking back at my blog posts or because you know me and this car?

This car is my retirement present to me from me. Before, I had an old Dodge 600 convertible that needed a lot to keep it presentable.

There were two reasons to get a convertible. First, since I had gotten drafted and had to sell my first convertible, I never got the urge to sun out of my system. I had to sell it because my car payments were more than my Army pay.

Secondly, I have not gotten the motorcycle urge out of my system either. But this convertible is much safer. I call it an old man's four wheel motorcycle. That works for me.

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Well, I can't beat that...
But I did notice yesterday that my oil change sticker says 4-22-07, so I'd better get that done pretty soon. Maybe I should use the special oil for geriatric cars. It's a '93 Lumina Euro. Plenty of rust and about 120,000 miles; a good work horse.
Hi Jim ~~ Glad you enjoyed the post.I like your retirement gift to you
the car!!! Have fun with yor new toys. Take care, Cheers, Merle.
Stick with cars versus motorcycle.
Is the dashboard that of a Ford Taurus? Ford went through a curvy-style dash for a while. I'm just at the little toe of retirement. (not) ... actually the mr. is retiring from the P.D. soon. His gift to me ... selling his prized 65 GTO for a new Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck ... some trade, eh?? but we were able to buy the new truck outright and not have a payment. Hoping it will last til I'm your age (hee, hee).
On second thought ... I don't recall a convertible Taurus ... got me stumped in Ideeho!
No I don't think I could tell a car by it's speedometer.
I'm going to post a picture of my shoe print on the sidewalk. Then, I'm going to ask you to tell me who made the shoe, what season, and whether or not it wraps around the ankle.

Can I tell by the speedometer? No.
I don't know what my says. lol

Take care xx
Jim ~ you doubted that the picture I have on my blog is Eddie Van Halen. Trust me, it is. He just got out of rehab like the day before that was taken. He's good to go once again.
It's your Mustang? Neat numbers there Jim!!

My car has a little over 42,000 on it. It's a 2003 model Buick.
Hi again Jim ~~ Thanks for your comments. Glad you liked some of the things in my post. I try not to pick on anyone in particular all the time.
Give everyone a go!! Take care,Merle.
Gidday Jim,
Nope, I'm no good at picking types of cars. Yes, there are marches held all over the country for Anzac Day. Huge marches in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Over 50,000 people attended the Brisbane march. There is also a march that occurs in my street. I just did a small post of this march.

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