Friday, April 27, 2007

It's June Bug! . . . . . . . . . . . No, It's April (2007) Bug!!?

This one's Karen's car, it's
a 1982 or so Pine Wood Derby Racer
Karen did most of the work, Mrs. Jim and I were consultants for her.
She won first place. Of course technology has improved since then so it probably couldn't keep up with the modern cars. Dad was the chief speed advisor for her project. Mrs. Jim did the fashion painting advice. Karen did [most of] the work.
Please enlarge the picture by clicking on it so you can see the driver pretty good. The driver is a piece of lead fishing weight, carved to precision weight with the car weighing 1 ounce less than the maximum.
The paint is acrylic blue with a red, green, and blue butterfly on the hood. There's a rainbow at the rear, and some green growth with a flower on the deck lid. If we were smart, we could have sensed a tree-hugger growing up here with us.
Weight distribution is 63% in the rear wheels, 37% up front. The uplift in the back functioned better than a spoiler in keeping the car hugging the track surface. Many cars tipped and fell off or tumbled, hers went straight down the slotted hill track.
Also compare it with Cliff's grandson's car (link for enlargement, link for Tuesday, April 24, blog post with the picture and write up). His car did good too!
It would be interesting to race these two cars now, '82 model vs. '07. Twenty-five years difference!
Bets, anyone?
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Hi Jim love your April bug or is it June bug lol.
Ladies and Gentlemen...Start your engines.
Neat car Karen.
Love the driver.
Hi Jim.
Thanks for dropping in,has Karen entered her car in the Grand Prix yet?
That Adi sure looks at home in the garden.
P.S.I dont really know what Iv'e done to my knee all I know after all this time it's still bloody sore.
Very neat car. I bet yours would win.

Take care xx

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