Friday, April 13, 2007

I've been switched!

To the New Blogger. I didn't ask for it, Google told me!

That's after 1157 posts, untold drafts, and 3022 comments! 731 were on this blog, the rest on my six other blogs. Thank you guys!

Yesterday, my last affair with Old Blogger, was a bang-up day for me too, I had 253 visitors (hits). The final O.B. post has a YouTube of Haley Scarnato's final performance on American Idol, and of her getting kicked out of [common words for eliminated from] the competition.

So most all of the were searching for Scarnato. They weren't all coming from fellow Texans either! That blog sure helped my numbers!


I'll keep you posted if there are problems [besides this annoying little box that comes on for all New Blogger comment posting attempts].


I like the new blogger because it is easier to post pictures but some of the screens are very annoying.
I got switched about a month ago. Actually once you get use to it - it seems easier and faster.
Welcome to the new bloger. I actually like it too. You can do more with your posts.

Take care xx
Well just so you are not depressed when your "hit" numbers go down when the dust settles from your last post, I'll say a little hello and invite you over to view my new little grandson Jake. And as for the "new blogger" ... "just do it"
Get used to the box. It won't go away.
Gidday Jim,
Peter helped me to move over to the new Blogger quite some time ago and I've had no trouble with it.
To answer one of your I've never gone and looked at JoyZine - Big Red Tour Through Outback Australia about the boab tree, altho' when I was going my post about the boab tree I did do a search in Google to get some info. on this amazing tree.

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