Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miss Texas came to sing at our church Sunday!

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This Sunday we had a special treat, Shilah Phillips, Miss Texas, came to sing for us. She first sang His Eye Is On The Sparrow, then a little later, The Battle Of The Lord. Her singing those, meant as PRAISE TO GOD, was a great treat for me! She sings really good, and she is loud.

Then during the offering Shilah, the Sanctuary Choir, and the Church Orchestra, together did There Will Come A Day with What A Day That Will Be.

I stayed over for the music of the second service and got to hear it all twice. I usually do that so it wasn't too unusual. Mrs. Jim plays viola in the orchestra for both services, they leave before the sermon at the second service.

That's what I do too, but just listen and not play an instrument or sing in the choir.

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Shilah began the beauty pageant phase of her life at Frisco, Texas, where she won the Miss Frisco title. She then entered and won the Miss Texas, 2006, contest. She followed that in January, 2007, by becoming the First Runner Up of the Miss U.S.A. contest.
Go here to see her in her tiara and here for a short Wikipedia article. **

Phillips attended the
Denver School of the Arts from seventh grade until graduating from high school in 2000. She studied both vocal music and theatre in her time at DSA.
Phillips began studying jazz music at
Howard University in Washington, D.C. and, while there received the Most Outstanding Vocalist award.[citation needed] She was recently accepted into the renowned jazz studies program at the University of North Texas.

Notable achievements
Phillips won the 2006 Miss
Frisco title on 30 October 2005.[1]
Phillips is the first African-American to hold the Miss Texas title when on
8 July 2006, at age 24 years, she won the pageant on her first attempt. She is only the second woman in the history of the program to win the title on her first try. She competed as Miss Frisco, sponsored by the Miss Plano Frisco Scholarship Organization.

** From Wikipedia Article, Shilah Phillips (link)

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What a beautiful service that must have been.

Take care Jim xx
Ha Ha I think we are checking on each other. Too funny. I have posted again though.

Take care Jim and I will be back to look for that post you told me about.
How nice that she came and sang for your church! Very nice looking choir there Jim! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love good Christian music!

Ha! My word verification is
iefleas. Makes me itch!!!
Hi Jim...Thanks for visiting my blog so mcuh.
I am always glad to hear from you.
I just left "Curious Servant's" blog and I saw you there.
I am so sorry for all the things that you have had to endure the last few months.
I didn't know about Karen.
You and Mrs.Jim sure do trust the Lord in everything and that is so nice to see!

I might have to borrow the two "A"s in the next couple of days but I am sure that they won't mind visiting Bernie and Shopper and me again here in wet Canada.
I am going to gather up Vincent and Turtle and Jammie's kids and the rest of the gang, so they will have lots of fun.
Adi might have to wear her hat again.
It is still cold here.
We will tape a few episodes of "Deal Or No Deal" for Amber to watch.
I will let you guys and Karen know when I will be sending for them...

Take care Jim. You are a real trooper if you ask me!!..from Terry
Hi Jim ~~ Great to have a talent like Miss Texas sing at your church. I see
Adi and Amber are happy to co-exist
and I specially liked your Senior citizens post. Thanks for your comments about my photo and the
welcome back. Sorry to pick on the "old men", but everyone gets a turn, blondes cop a lot etc etc.
Take care of Mrs.Jim and yourself.
Regards, Merle.

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