Friday, April 20, 2007

Speaking of first times

My Earth Day 2007 blog is posted earlier today, scroll down please.

Mrs. Jim is going to have a root canal on May 3. This will be the first for her. She will probably remember this as long as she lives, having a root canal is a big deal.


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You know there is a first time for everything. Good things and bad.

I love to reminisce about those firsts. Some of my fondest memories won't be posted here. Others will.

My first root canal was done by an Army dentist, way back in the 50s.

The root canal hasn't given my any problems but the tooth has. The part he put in fell out many times. Finally dentistry began using a glue that made it stick permanently, so far.

The tooth is also loose at the roots. For several years I have been able to wiggle it. My current dentist would pull it but I won't let him. Wait till it falls out or becomes infected is my order.

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What kind of firsts do you have to relate?

What other kinds of firsts would you like me to post about?

Or are firsts posts just plain boring?

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One other thing, what does this picture have to do with things? This is a 1:18 scale die cast of my first car. It was a 1950 Studebaker Starlight Coupe.

It had belonged to my Dad's friend, Elmer Cells. Elmer also had been my high school principal and chemistry teacher. And later on, twenty-five years later, he and Mrs. Cells became Mrs. Jim's and my very good friends.

They visited us several times in Houston. We looked forward to their usual gift of Sue Bee Honey [headquartered in Sioux City, Iowa]. See, Nebraska friends! And they liked it here too!

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Hi Jim ~~ I hope Mrs Jim gets on OK with the root canal. Things should be much better than in the 50s and the Army dentist. Don't scare her!!
My first computer was 3 and a half years ago, and my first post was in
Jan. 2006. Glad you enjoyed the story
of Breakfast at McDonalds.
We have a lot to be thankful for!!
Take care, Regards, Merle.
I'll be praying for Mrs. Jim.
Gidday Jim,
I trust you haven't scared Mrs.Jim with your story on your root canal.
All the best to Mrs.Jim after her visit to the dentist.
My 1st car was a 1952 FJ Holden, not that I bought it then as I would of only been 8 years old. I was a slow learner (driver) and didn't get my own 2nd hand car (the FJ) until 1970, so this car was already 18 years old, but it was a little beauty.
Was your Studebaker that color, too?

I've yet to have my first root canal... and I have only one crown. I don't like going to the dentist, so I brush and floss and floss and brush.
Merle -- Thanks for your firsts, they do bring memories don't they.
I know my first corn dog, first taco, first pizza, first cold soup (vishi swaw), and a lot of other food.

Lori, and all others -- Thanks for your good wishes and prayers. This dentist does 70% of his work through an existing crown like Mrs. Jim's.
He is an endodontist who specializes in root canals.

Wazza -- I saw a picture of one of those F J Holdens on your blog. I had never heard of that brand until then [it is Aussie, folks].

Seeker -- The Studebaker was a 'Studebaker Light Green' color.
This one is pale blue, but the same model.
Remeberign firsts ais alway a good thing. Hope Mrs. Jim does alright with her root canal.
Hi again Jim ~~ Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the post and jokes. I don't know who the Queens are on playing cards, but I
bet someone does. Or will invent
them !! Look after Mrs. Jim.
Take care, Cheers, Merle.
Loved those old Studebakers Jim, the ones that looked the same from both ends.
Hey Jim I hope Mrs Jim does o.k. I have a few already. Blimey!!!

I like first. I will have to think of some firsts.

Take care xx
Hey, I met Jerry from "Back Home Again" blog for the first time today!! It was great meeting him!!

I have had a root canal or two. The first one was a horrible thing with a bad dentist. He hit a nerve that brought instant tears to my eyes. (don't tell Mrs. Jim that part). The latter ones, done by a different dentist, were painless.
Wishing Mrs Jim all the best for her root canal. My first car was a Vauxhall Velox convertable.
Cheers Margaret
Shame on you for scaring the Mrs. with your Army dentist stories (lol). Sounds like she has an expert to do the procedure ... praying for her nerves to be calm that day :) I used to think one should only visit veteren (older) doctors and dentists. Now, after visiting a younger one (dentist) ... I can see the error of my thinking ... the young ones have all the latest gadgets that make visiting them a bit more comforting. My first car was a '76 Dodge Volare ... striped down version because that's all I could afford ... had "three on the tree" stick shift, saucer sized hubcaps, no air or radio ... my grandpa had to teach me how to drive it. Everyone thought it looked like a "narc" car ... not a good thing for a teenage driver. Hope you have a blessed day.
Dear Jim...I was just visiting my good friend, Mrs. Mac and noticed you were bad mouthing me there, and here I thought you were my FRIEND!
Well I dished it right back to you sir!!
So there!!!
I cleared up Mrs. Mac's mind with the truth about you...from Terry

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