Thursday, July 19, 2007

A couple of rednecks, hers and his

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Now, the Redneck Kids:

This was my picture post for Wordless Wednesday yesterday (link). It is a picture, isn't it?
A picture with words?

Anyway I put it over here because not many of you came over to see it. That's alright, I'll get over it.

I think this guy is a handsome devil, someone we might want to know. That's just me, I'll ask around.


Would you like to meet him?

What do you think about him?

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He looks like George C Scott. So sure, this old hen would like to meet him!
Is that you?
He looks like an interesting dude. I would like to meet him.

I like the ww piccie.

Take care xx
I loved the comment from the paper. I used to get so frustrated with my mom when we had to sit in the parking lot at Wal-Mart while she put on her lipstick. LOL

Thanks for your comment on my blog and your encouragement to my sweet daughter.
I just HATE having to put on my Sunday best to go into Walmart. I even have to wear shoes!!
At the dollar store, I can go in my pajamas.

I'm supposing that might be you. Nice photo.
Hi Jim ~~ I hope Karen had a lovely birthday and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Thanks for your comments and I had one of those roast dinners today and it was really nice. I always cook a lot of meals at once. I would go crazy cooking just one main meal a day. I like to have some in the freezer in case of visitors, or if I feel unwell or get home late. It works for me. Take care, Best Wishes, Merle.
happy bday Karen!

A very nice looking guy in that picture !

and I don't get dresed up to go to wallyworld!
Hi again Jim ~~ Thanks for your comments. I hope your grand-daughter enjoys the flea joke. The flower photos I posted last night were from my Flowers folder. However that rhodendron seems to always have a few flowers on it. Not a lot of other flowers just now.
Take care, Jim, Cheers, Merle.
Oh No Jim...Why didn't you let me know that it was Karen's birthday!!
I feel so bad that I didn't do something special for her .
Did you? Did Billy? Did BP???
You know I was a little busy with Arlene's birthday but if I had of known I could have done something for Karen too..
Well stay on the lookout!!..From Terry

PS You notice that I didn't ask if Mrs. Jim did something for Karen. She is a mother so I am sure she DID!!

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