Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm Back! Home. No surgery! Adi is glad,

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now we can go for our walks again.
I really didn't want this surgery and for some reason just didn't feel real good about it. The doctor said if it wasn't causing pain and I didn't hurt then let's not do it.
So I'm to walk and use it more and more and come back for an office visit in two weeks. Mostly I have to get myself ready for golf again.
Here's the real story from an eye-witness, Mrs. Jim, with all the low down:


Thank you to everyone who prayed for us today. Jim and his doctor cancelled his knee surgery and this was the best decision. They had been wrestling with this decision. Jim had gone through all his pre-op and had his IV in place, etc.

When the doctor came for the surgery and examined Jim, he ask Jim about his activities and pain level. He manipulated and evaluated the knee, had Jim to walk, squat, and other activities. Since Jim stopped using the immobilizer 2 weeks ago, he has been able to make greater strides in movement and use of his knee. Together Jim and the doctor decided that if Jim could live with the level of discomfort and limited use of the knee, that he would be better off to not have the surgery and the hardware and recuperation involved.

Jim's concern was the long term outcome if he didn't have surgery. Dr. Price assured him that he could "fix" any eventual problems if he started having pain or problems. He also thought that for knee replacements or such problems, Jim's bones would be in better shape for such without this surgery.

Dr. Price felt that surgery would have been best if it had been done just after the injury. Jim wasn't able to see him until about two weeks after the injury. But even now, the believes that Jim's knee will continue to heal some.

We appreciate your love, concern and prayers. You are so special to us. Not having surgery is a great relief for me and Jim.

Thank you.
Mrs. Jim

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I have been praying all day. I couldn't wait to get online to see how you were doing.

Thank you Mrs. Jim for the update.

God works in ways in which we do not know.
Lori, I've been telling people that I feel this is God's answer to all our prayers about it.
I'm glad Jim.

And thanks, Mrs. Jim, for an impartial look at the whole thing.

God bless
Oh I am SO glad that Jim won't need the surgery Mrs. Jim!!
Now he can walk to the singing lessons that he surely does have a need for!
Not that we are not forever grateful at all the singing telegram jobs that he has been doing for us!
I mean he is better than nothin', eh?
And he never slacks his duty, that's for sure!!

Thanks Mrs. Jim!
How is his sore finger?!!

Isn't that Adi the sweetest little doll you ever did see?
Hoorah for no surgery!! That is wonderful news!!

Thank you Mrs. Jim for letting us know. You guys are special to us too.

Adi is so cute! She has that look that says "Why are you looking at me through that thing again???"

Take care of that knee Jim!! You'll be out there hitting golf balls before you know it!!

Glad to hear that!

and Yes Thank your Mrs.Jim for the up date!

Hi Jim and Mrs. Jim ~~ So glad to hear no need for surgery - that is
just great. Look after yourselves and each other. Best wishes to you both.
I've been having trouble posting, but wanted to know that prayers were said here, too! And sounds like God answered them by not having you go through the surgery! Hope the pain isn't too much to handle, Jim.

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