Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The New Beverly Hillbillies -- Can you eat just one onion ring?

I just saw this car pulling into our subdivision. It was a rather ugly car but the drivers (link) were a great surprise! The New Beverly Hillbillies were moving here!

More on this soon, in the meantime you can read about the new CBS program.
Speaking of things like this, this is a meal fit for these hillbillies and everyone else.
We ate at of Panchos Mexican Buffet (link) Friday night with our house guests, brother-in-law, Danny, and his wife. This is where we have the "all you can eat" Mexican Buffet.

Saving the best for the last. Can you eat just one onion ring? Well these two ladies--definitely not hillbillies--did. Here Mrs. Jim and sister-in-law, Winetta, are enjoying their onion ring.

I had one also but had already eaten it. The ladies wanted to try them so Mrs. Jim ordered just three, one for each of us. They were delicious! We will have more the next time we eat there!

So when you come to Houston, come on up here to Conroe for some McKenzie's Barbeque very fine food (link). The wait staff people there definitely are not hillbillies either! Maybe some of the other customers are.
The Jim Bunch definitely knows where the good food is at. He always asks for the senior discount too!
Paris hilton jessica simpson photo

hillbillies photo

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Hi Jim Glad U enjoyed your Mexican Food and Onion Rings, not for me to spicy Yukk, Take care enjoy
Now you have made me hungry for Mexican food!
Thanks guys, be sure to click on the hillbillies photo link. Towards the beginning or at the end.
I'll take the mexican spread...I could overdose on the stuff and die happy!
We have Willy's here... a great Mexican buffet. I love it!
Hi Jim.
Mexican would not be my choice,but to each his own.
You have to look under the printer for the key board,and I'm always tidy.
P.S.Great shot of Mrs.Jim & S/Inlaw
Hi Jim ~~ Glad you all enjoyed eating out and tasting Onion rings. I like
onion in everything!! I think Joh is excited to be going into the Army on
7th August in New South Wales, many, many miles from his coastal home in Victoria. It is amazing what we use for door stops to avoid bending.
Take care, Jim, How is the knee these days? Best Wishes, Merle.
I love Mexican food. I love onion rings. Love barbeque too. Hmmm. Now I'm wondering how can I fit those into my breakfast?
I love Mexican food.
In answer to your question on my blog: Dale Sr's Taj Mahal is what they call the DEI motorsports complex including where they house and work on the racecars. Because it was the first one of its kind to be spit-shine clean, floors white always, etc, it was called Taj Mahal. Sadly it will now just be a museum, as they say.
I hadn't heard about that TV show. Weird.

I notice that Mrs. Jim doesn't even blink when you have your camera out, but sis-in-law is going to wait until you are done before she gets any closer to that morsel!
By the way... did you catch the post on Paris hilton I wrote last month?

Oh, McKenzies! I love that place! When we lived in Conroe we used to eat there all the time. I'm rarely that way now. But, you've made me hungry for BBQ!

I haven't been to Panchos in YEARS.
Jim - This reminds me... my wife called me at work to tell me to hurry and get off work, she had found some outfits at a local Department Store and she wanted to make sure that she could get the 15% OFF for seniors' discount. Well guess who qualifies for that one? (NOT HER!) ~ jb///
looks like good eat'n and a good time ... :o)

thank you for popping by and the condolences you left for us ... as i told leo, we are slowly becoming "older generation" ...

blessings on ya!
Saija's husband, Leo, is in very poor health. His father died yesterday.

Yes, Mrs. Jim and I ARE the older generation. She has one aunt and one uncle, I have no one older.

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