Monday, July 02, 2007

Quiz: Which one of these pictures doesn't fit my theme?

Before you start firguring it out, I wanted to mention that my kneecap repair surgery is at 12 noon today.

Thanks for your prayers and encouraging comments.

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Picture "A"?

[Checking the battery water level, adding as needed]

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Picture "B"?

[Adding a quart to Mrs. Jim's car]

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Picture "C"?

[This clearly isn't Adi's favorite activity]

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Picture "D"?

[Some Texans are building arks]

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Picture "E"?

[This is my new golf club bag, I bought it on impulse. It was on sale and I couldn't resist it. $99.95 reg, sale price $59.95]

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Picture "F"?

[Murder in the (short St. Augustine) grass]

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Picture "G"?

[New license plate sticker for 2008. I checked the tires too and added air as needed.]

Answer: Except for the rain, these are the things I couldn't do after the surgery with my leg in a cast. I wished these were all the things I should do before it got so rainy.

BTW, with I.V.s in my hand and wearing a backless robe, I hopped down from my pre-op bed for my doctor. Between the two of us, we decided not to do the surgery.

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The Fire Ant Killer is definitely not in keeping with the theme. The rest of them have to do with getting the car ready to drive to the links, so you can use that new bag. The weather map shows where you WON'T be golfing.
p.s. Glad you're getting that surgery over with, so you can get back on the links.
GONG! You had a nice theme but not the one I had in mind.
So not much to do with golfing, I wish it was.
Your theme is "taking care of business" or getting your chores done before you have your surgery. I'll put your name on my short to-do list for tomorrow and say some prayers for you Mr. Jim. Blessings
Hi Jim ~~ I hope that surgery is over by now and that you are on your way to recovery. I think most os the pics featured water. But shouldn't arc be spelt ark? As for my photos,
I put one of Kathy's 3 eldest kids one day, while visiting and next day her 2 youngest. No way could I be mistaken for a kid!!
I hope you will soon be back with us, and are not having too much pain.
Best wishes, Merle.
will bee thinking about ya!

Thank you for letting us know what time you will be having your surgery.

You were a busy one yesterday. I do the same thing when I know I'll be down for a while. It normally happens to me when I had each one of my children.
Good luck and prayers on ya for the rebuild Jim. Do you get a warranty with this? 5 Years or 30,000 steps?
Mrs. Mac, you got it. Mrs Jim will have her hands full without worrying about this stuff. The announcement was a hint also.

Yes, Merle, I know how to spell ARK. I just saw Evan Almighty Wednesday night.
Guess I'd better write them both in a sentence a hundred times, on the blackboard.

The hospital called me this morning at 7:30 to tell me I'm ALL cleared for the surgery.
BE THERE! AT 10:30
Thanks again, you all for your prayers. Yes Cliff, this is my good knee, the other is worn out.
The clue is to stay off them and on my feet.
Adi looks all happy and clean and fresh this morning.
Oh yes, our rain isn't part of the honey-do's.
Good luck with the knee surgery

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