Saturday, August 04, 2007

Namaste, Phir Milenge*

A 'Word Picture' Story,
To my blogger friends:

Adi can.

Adi can get her suitcase packed!


1. Phir Milenge (Hindi: फिर मिलेंगे, Urdu: پھر ملیں گے, English: We'll Meet Again)

2. Namaste [here a parting phrase] is in Nepali and Hindi (from internal sandhi between nama and te) is an Indian greeting or parting phrase as well as a gesture. (more, from Wikipedia)

3. My translation: au revoir, adieu, adios, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, bye, bye-bye, cheerio, good-by, goodby, good-bye, goodbye, good day, sayonara, so long

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That's some "cheap" gas you've got, there. We're paying a lot more here in the Midwest.
Besides what I told you yesterday morning, :-), you have a great blog and that Adi sure will miss having her pictures taken of all the great "Adi Can" stories!
Let's see: Karen is running in the NY marathon? Or, you're off on a trip to see Karen and play golf? Glad you're able to get around now. Tell the Mrs. hello and the make sure you don't "trip" things up on this trip.
Seeker -- Some places regular is in the 2.70's still, but it is going down right now. It has not been quite $3.00 around here yet.
The Houston area is higher than a lot of the state, we need special additives to help cut the pollution.

Karen -- I hadn't thought of that. I could do an "Adi Can" on my picture blog, I intend to keep on doing the 'Wordless Wednesdays' over there.

Mrs. Mac, that is cute, I don't intend to be tripping up on tripper things this time. Of course I didn't intend the first time either.
When Karen runs the NY Marathon we follow her bia the NYC Subway System.
Karen is running in the NY marathon? That'll be some hot running!!

You are taking another trip?
Rachel, that run will be in November when it's cooler. You have good eyes.
What?? You are taking a break from blogging??? Okay.....I think I understand. You'll still post some but not as much. Of course I understand. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes!

Make sure that when we find out the dates for Blogstock 08 that you make plans to be there for sure!! Okay??? I have a huge huge bear hug to give you in person!!!
Hey you better not be going anywhere. I will stay and blog if you stay!!!!!!

I just got busy with the summer but the boys are in school on Monday so I will have some more time.

Please don't go.....(sobbing)!!

Take care xx
say it aint sooooo ;(

take care!
I've figured it out. They caught you stealing range balls and you're going to the big house for a while.
I'm glad that at least you have cheap gas down there.
Hi Jim ~~ Have a great trip and we will see you back in October. Your clues were a hint, but your comments cleared it all up. I take it you are quite well now which is great. I hope you and Mrs.Jim have a really wonderful holiday. Didn't want to say "trip." Thanks for the kind words about my blog. Take GREAT care,
Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim And Mrs Jim Have a great holiday, Becareful Jim Dont need a nother trip.I see Adi is packed and ready.

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