Tuesday, September 11, 2007

[Friday, September 7, 2007] JIM, COME BACK!

Come back, Jim!

Please come back.

Maybe if you would leave a comment here, Jim might read it.

He might even write a return comment (here) from wherever he is when he finds an Internet cafe. Jail

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Hi Jim ~~ I hope you are having a great time - wherever you are!!
Thanks for your comments about my camellias - I have a nice selection
of them. Sorry you can't grow them where you live. Good on you for the
HONESTY- that is one of the most
importanr things!! Take care of you and Mrs.Jim. Regards, Merle.
Thank you Merle -- Thanks why I am an attorney (retired) because I'm so HONEST.
And that's why I taught school instead of practicing, I'm so HONEST.

A lot of camellias grow in Southeast Texas but our thumb isn't colored correctly (green) to keep them alive more than a year or so.

I do grow weeds pretty good, take a look at the one I pulled from a flower bed yesterday, at
I am so lost without you here that I forget to try and find you elsewhere. Just remember all of us slaving away back here. Well, not really slaving away, but just wondering where the heck you are and why the mystery?
Dear Jim,
I hope Mrs.Jim and you are having a nice trip to Europe, finishing your holidays, was it??
We'll be in London from tomorrow, not even on a real holiday, just popping out for fresh air, and hotter weather. London has 23 Celcius degrees, we have 13!
Say hello then, if you see us!
From felisol
Hi again Jim ~~ That was some weed all right - massive. I left a comment
there. Just wanted to wish you and Mrs. Jim a very safe and happy return to your journey, leaving Tuesday.

Do take great care, have a great time. All the best, Merle.
I sneak in, I sneak out.
The weed is at

If you know what it is I would like to know too. Thanks.

It is Texas sized.
Blue skies, sunshine, and you're on a golf cart having a lot fun - why would you want or need to come back?
Come with me across the sea
Where my heart will always be
T' the place that's calling me
Back ti Bonnie Scotland.

Hear the piper far away
Playing at the close of day
Come again, he seems t' say
Back ti bonnie Scotland

That's another of my fav. songs..

Looks like you're having a great time!
Weather here was in the 70's yestereday, a little cooler today.
Yesterday Edinbourgh, today Inverness. Tomorrow?
Having a wonderful time, wish you were here! Pictures later.
Oh yes, golf next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
ohhhhh I hope you are having a fabarooni time there Jim with Mrs Jim. I am really jealous. lol

Have the bestest time ever.

Hugs xx
Hi Jim.
You must be enjoying your holiday
stay well jim see you on your return.
Please do come back safely and in one piece this time. Make sure there are no distractions when going down the stairs. Hi Mrs. Jim ... please try to keep Jim in line ;)
Very Kewl Jim.... been awhile but i semi still around
Popping in to say hi.

Hope you are having fun.

Take care xx
I hope you and Mrs Jim have a great time. As for myself I am pleased to be back and thanks for your visitis
Cheers Margaret
Ok guys, thanks for all the well wishes, etc.

We are in the land of Robert Burns, perhaps I'll do a little of his poetry (quotes) when I get back. :-)

We played golf at Turnberry this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Right now we are staying at the Westin Turnberry at Turnberry.

You are missed but I am glad you and Mrs. Jim are giving a good time.


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