Thursday, October 25, 2007

Busted and grounded, this ARF truck + A witches moon

This ARF truck and its driver are in trouble. The DPS, Department of Public Safety, had their black and white over there going all over the poor ARF truck.

I saw it and the officers in the driveway next to where I get the oil changed in Mrs. Jim's car. When I came out, the truck was still in the driveway, headed out, but abandoned. I guess it will get towed away soon.

For the longest time I couldn't figure our what my sister was calling these ARF trucks.

Well, it turned out it was ABF, not ARF. She just couldn't read it correctly. These ARF trucks are all over the road here.

When my sister discovered her mistake she decided to still keep on calling them ARF trucks.

She did find a friendly driver who gave her a nice ARF ABF hat.

Full Texas harvest moon here is setting over the neighbor's home. We have five more days, I wonder how much of this moon will be left on the witches' big day to give ample light for them to fly around?

Witches mostly only fly around at Halloween time. They love to silhouette themselves on the face of the moon!

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Mr Jimmie ... I have a photo of the moon I should send you to examine. Seems to be something odd floating in the sky next to it ... if you want a peek ...
Hi Mrs. Mac -- Yes, I e-mailed you. I would like to look it over and see if I would like to use it for a post.
Thank you.
We have an ABF terminal 3 miles from the house. Matter of fact, a friend of my brother's just retired from there. We refer to them as Arkansas Bull F-ers, well maybe I shouldn't go there since this is a 'clean' site. Sorry 'bout that, I got carried away.
Hi Jim ~~ Enjoyed this post ~ nice photos of the moon and the strange looking truck. I didn't know what 'slappers' were either and did not Google. But you got the idea from their wanting to sleep for money.
I don't stress over minor details, just hoped it wasn't a rude word
somewhere else. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim, nice photo of the moon, that looks like a business name on the truck.
Am I missing something here? Why did the truck get busted?

I am enjoy the full moon right now. Did you see the space shuttle fly over last night?
Mrs. Mac -- You are generous, thank you. And I got it fine.

Cheyenne -- There is a big terminal at Texarkana too. I for sure don't know many of them.

Merle -- You are most helpful. I'm afraid I will never know what they are.

Jeanette -- I'm glad to see you having a little friend someplace who loans you a computer. I hope yours gets fixed soon.
ABF are initials for the frieght company, they are all over the U.S.

Lucy -- Of course I should have said the driver got busted for having 59 illegal aliens inside that he was smuggling up from ...
Also he had a taillight out and ran a stoplight. Crooks get caught for doing dumb things you know.
I really do know that that DPS trooper was swarming all over the truck. When my car was ready, the truck was sitting there alone.
Aren't you glad I knew so much.

I sure did miss the Shuttle flying overhead. Yes, we call it a Harvest Moon.
American Bull Frogs, or Arkansas Bull Frogs, Not that bad name Cheyenne is using!! I have always seen lots of those trucks. He must have been in violation bad to get towed in. Tsk, tsk, tsk!
Just LOOK at that moooon!
On Halloween night, I always like to fly high in the air on my broom and bask in the glow of the moonlight.
I'll get you my pretty!!!
You and your little dog too!!!!!!!!

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