Thursday, October 04, 2007

An encounter

I was with some business associates the other morning. We were calling on a customer we had called on several times before.

At about 9:35 the owner/CEO of the company came in. He greeted us warmly and we exchanged niceties. Ten minutes later the two Vice Presidents came in and there were more niceties.

I was thinking, "What in the world would it be like to come to work at late hours like this?" But then I'm not the CEO or any kind of VP and probably never will be so what does it matter. We all were in the 12/6's or so ourselves.

I was having an exchange with the secretary when I noted that the rest had left. Usually we all went for coffee and a sweet roll at one of the eateries in the building, so I headed out in search of the others.

Why they left without me I couldn't figure. The first place I went to was an open-air fancy place that we frequented regularly with these customers. This time they weren't there. They had elected to go someplace else and I would have to find them.

As I was leaving I sat on the step to tie my shoe which had a lace come loose. Anymore, since my knee injury, I can't bend down to tie.

The knot was being tightened when I became aware of someone standing behind me. I slowed my tying operation to give me a little time to figure this out. I was hoping whoever it was would leave.

The person didn't stay there, but slumped down beside me. It was a man in a rather heavy work jacket with a fake fur collar; he looked as if he did landscape work or the like.

And then I noticed there was another person standing behind me.

I didn't like the feel of this situation.

But there wasn't time to become very alarmed, as the person tried gently to pull me down. I was guarding my wallet; it always was in my front pocket.

But he wasn't after my wallet. No one else was within eyesight, I screamed.

I screamed some more. The thought of an older, grown man screaming seemed peculiar but that was my only option. He was so much stronger than me. And he had a friend.

I screamed some more.

It seemed as if he released me, but did not go away. And was sitting terribly close to me!

That's what happened.

It was over but I never knew how things ended up.

This? It's a mustard sardine sandwich, with no fat cheese and pickles on whole wheat.

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This was my dream last night. It ended before it was finished. I'll never know what happened.
Well you'll justhave to pick it up another night and see what happens.
Well I am glad that you explained yourself here cause I was scared for a minute.

I don't like dreams like that.

Take care of yourself Jim. xx
I don't know which is scarier ... the dream or the looks of your sandwich ;) Glad you clarified your situation.
The dream may be 'to be continued.'

Sandwich Recipe:
(if you are into recipes)

2 slices whole wheat bread toasted
1 can sardines, drained and rinsed, then degutted
1 slice non-fat cheese
- dill pickle slices to suit
- mustard to suite

Calories - 340 From Fat - 100
Total Fat - 10 g
Saturated Fat - 4 g
Trans Fat - 0 g
Cholesteral - 115 mg
Sodium - 1260 mg/51% of daily req*
Total Carbs - 33 g
Fiber - 4 g
Sugar - 8 g
Protein - 32 g
* Sodium Amount Breakdown:
7 Pickle slices - 390 mg
2 slices whole wheat br - 320 mg
1 slice non-fat cheese - 320 mg
1 can drained sardines - 230 mg
Myself? I often eat them on non-fat soda crackers. The chesee too. This doesn't change the nutritional value much at all.
Bon appétit
Did you mean, "barf appetit?"
After seeing the picture of the sandwich, the dream made sense to me.
Jim ... now don't you go get Miss Terry involved, she has often given me a piece of her mind ... especially anything having to do with winter or snow ... both of which she does not care for ...and both of which I love. My daughter just spied the sandwich pic and lost her tummy too ;) (especially the degutted sardines part) :) Perhaps there is connection between dreams and food ;)
I'm thinking the sardines are directly related to the nightmare. I know it will probably give me one.

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