Monday, October 15, 2007

The View From

Our Breakfast Room Window Yesterday Afternoon:

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These guys had lost what?

And they could not find it.

So the fellow who lost it
finally dropped another.

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Our Dining Room Saturday Night:

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We had our 'Gourmet Dining Group' over for super. That was three other couples and us. Mrs. Jim cooked up a storm, as did these others.

Ready for Jim to say the blessings before dipping into the soup, from the left, clockwise are, Wayne D, Carla M, 'the other' Jim M, Mrs. Jim, Diane C, Bill C, and Diana S. Not shown was me, taking the picture.

The menu, with a Fall theme, in pictures follows:

First Course - Carrot soup with Ginger
Second Course - Pear, Arugula, and Pancetta Salad
Third Course - Granite burgundy sorbet
Entree - Pork rib roast with cranberry-apricot stuffing
... . . . . .Green beans with button mushrooms
... . . . . .Provencal tomato potato gratin
Dessert - Caramelized apple crepes

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The soup. It was prepared by Diana.

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The salad was prepared by Carla and 'the other' Jim.

After the salad we had a tongue cleansing sorbet prepared by Diana.

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The entree [main course] was prepared by Mrs. Jim.

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Here Mrs. Jim and 'the other Jim' were dishing out the main course on the breakfast room table.

The apple crepe dessert by Diane was delicious, there were no leftovers. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of these.

Come to think about it, there weren't any doggie bags either. We ate it all. The cost? $52.48 per couple, including some wine.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There are nine groups of four doing this three times a year. All live in our Bentwater subdivision. Each group uses the same menu and the groups are rearranged every time.

At the end of the year there is another meeting in one member's home, a Christmas party. All the participants attend and each brings a dessert or hors d'oeuvres dish. Before we leave the ladies have a short meeting to elect new officers.

For these last two years, Mrs. Jim and two other ladies from the Bentwater Ladies Organization are the directors for Gourmet Dining. Each is on a menu committee along with three other ladies. Mrs. Jim was on the committee that came up with the menu for Friday night.

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Hi Jim What a lovely view to be able to eat your meal overlooking the golf course. and I must say your dinner looks so delicous and mouth watering....
Wonderful Jim!! That was a delightful meal and I wish I could have been there. What fun!!! The table is so lovely also!
What a lovely dinner!
The table and the meal looks fabulous!
I have no idea what the golfers were looking for?
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one
Dear Jim,
what a marvelous idea, even without a golf course.
I think I will show my friends this blog and see if we can come up with something similar.
Wonderful fellowship without having the burden of making a four dish dinner. (I enjoy good food, but am certainly not a chef. One dish for eight I can manage though.)
The table was also so beautifully decorated. Do you have fall down in hot Texas??
Is it all the golfing that makes you gourmets staying so fit,slim and elegant?
Of that I sure could use a recipe.
From Felisol
Wow ... have they put together a cookbook yet with all of the dinner's recipes? Looks pretty fancy! You need a tri-pod so you can get in the pictures too :)
Dear Jim,
I'll take you up on your offer.
Gourmet for beginners' recipes?
You probably could make a best seller with that title, especially, if it really works, that is the recipes are both easy and tasty.
I'm also all in for theme evenings, sea food, in the fall we use lamb in all varieties, deer and so on. Norwegian Christmas food is very traditional and regional at the same time and cannot be tampered with. If a woman from the West marries an Easterner they for sure will have a double set of Christmas dinner as well as the twelve sort of cookies that goes with that season.
Golf is Greek to me, but I think we had a woman fighting for a major championship this morning. She lost her nerve and the cup to an American lady.
Saturday last Norway beat the Americans and won the Bermuda Bowl in bridge. I was up 5 in the morning to follow the games. It so happens that I through my brother know two of the Norwegian players. (Brogeland & Saelensminde)That was a real thrill.
Tomorrow I'll have my second meeting with the dentist and he's going to perform a root canal.
I'm so not looking forwards to that.
It hurts, both in my mouth and my purse. Dentists are clever at finding plenty more than the one aching tooth needing treatment....
But for the recipe,- something easy, please, easy but delicious.
Now that might not be easy at all.
Have a nice golfing week,
From Felisol
Wow, now that's a dinner to die for.....When do I get to come?
All those guy's were looking for one golf ball? Amazing!

BTw- the food looks great.
Hi Jim ~~ I guess they are looking for a golf ball ??
Sounds like a great meal and evening. Thanks for your comments on my fairy garden. I guess I had better start saying hello and goodbye to the fairies in it. That may help with some good luck. Did
you take photos of the Fairy garden on the Isle of Man ?
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Quite a food theme you have going there. It does look REALLY good.
Wow, allowing 16 people to pile up while you look for a golf ball must have surely got someone asked not to come back I'm guessing.
Truth be known only one guy was looking the others were just putting in their time waiting for him to give up.
Dinner looks good. Where are the hot dogs?
Those are some GOOOD EATS!!
What a great group!!
Good food, good friends, good fellowship...
What more can you ask for?
Well, I guess you could ask that there be some leftovers. :-)
Hi again Jim ~~ Good for you checking the fridge!!
Thanks for saying you will post The Fairy Garden at the
Isle of Man. Please dont forget. Cheers, Merle.

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